Jewish Media Twists Putin’s Statements on Jewkraine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2015


The US media basically has the ability to censor everything Putin says indefinitely, in the same way that they censor Assad, the same way they censored Saddam and Gaddafi before they murdered them.


Western journalists, many of whom remain rather “ignorant of Ukraine”, have misreported and twisted President Vladimir Putin’s comments on the Russian involvement in the east of the country, experts said.

“We never said there were no people there who carried out certain tasks including in the military sphere, but that doesn’t mean there are any regular Russian troops. See the difference,” Putin said during his annual Q&A Thursday.

Some news outlets have now run with headlines alleging Putin has admitted for the first time that the Russian military was present in Ukraine. RT asked analysts if the media have read him right.

“It’s misreporting again in much of the Western media. [Some time ago] the claims were of “Russian invasion of Ukraine” and, of course, soldiers were mentioned. And Putin isn’t saying this. What he is saying is that military advisors are, or were in Ukraine, the same way US military advisors were in Ukraine, too. So, I think it is a bit of a non-story, really. He is not saying that there were Russian soldiers coming in; that was the claim. And now his words are twisted again …,” Neil Clark, journalist and broadcaster told RT.

It is of course fantastic that we do have the internet, and these Jewish media lies can be corrected. It’s a shame however that the Jews have managed to assert such high-levels of control over the content of the internet. Along with trying to get sites like The Daily Stormer shut down, Jews also pour money into unprofitable sites which spam up the tubes with malignant disinformation.

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