Jewish Media Throwing Hillary Under the Bus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2015

You'd best start believing in buses, Madam Clinton - you're under one.
You’d best start believing in buses, Madam Clinton – you’re under one.

The Jewish media appears to be in the process of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus.

The Daily Beast, in an article about the recent situation of a Chinese brothel owner bribing the Negroid former UN Head with Rolexes so he could get a building built in Macau, included “Clinton” in its title, even though the content of the article only vaguely relates to Clinton (and clearly does so on purpose).

Chinese Billionaire Arrested in U.N. Bribery Case Has Clinton Links - The Daily Beast 2015-10-08 14-54-09
Pretty decent article – and the only one I’ve read on the scandal making a point to mention Clinton

The Daily Beast has been hard on her for a bit, pre-empting a bus throwing. As I reported here over a week ago, they attacked her over not being gay enough, seemingly at random. They reported that she didn’t support homo marriage ten years ago, without pointing out that no one in the Democratic establishment supported homo marriage ten years ago.

What’s really signaling though is the way all liberal sites are responding to her recent denouncement of TPP.

They are being very hostile. After having defended her so much over the massive email scandal.

Washington Post
Washington Post

For the record, The Nation and The Atlantic are both attempting to portray this positively. But along with these above, most all other major liberal outlets are attacking her over it in that organized Jewy fashion – the mob.

They are also reporting more seriously on the email scandal, which they’d been trying so hard to ignore/downplay.

FBI probe of Clinton e-mail expands to second data company - The Washington Post 2015-10-08 14-54-03

I think they are sensing – or maybe even have inside information – of what is coming relatively soon, which is a collapse of the Clinton campaign over this FBI investigation.

I want to say I’m not certain of this, exactly. But right now, I’d say chance of the Hillary Clinton imploding is at about 65%.

That said, I don’t think anything serious is going to happen to her legally. She can almost certainly weasel out of that. But the FBI investigation continues to intensify, and this can’t really be meshed with the intensification of the Presidential race. And Trump is going to keep calling her out, even if the rest of the GOP won’t, and keeping this in the headlines.

And she might even be able to save her political career, and achieve some high-level position at the UN, or maybe Mayor of New York or something, in a couple years. But I think it is definitely now more likely than not that her present Presidential campaign is totally doomed.

Sad part is, this leaves the left without a viable candidate.

Sucks to be them.