Jewish Media Successfully Lobbies for Firing of Campbell Soup Employee Who Called Out Jew Soros

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2018

It’s anti-Semitic to ever say anything a Jew does, goyim.


The Campbell Soup lobbyist who said George Soros’ foundation was assisting a caravan of migrants bound for the United States is no longer with the company.

Kelly Johnston, formerly Campbell’s vice president of government affairs, tweeted on Monday that the Open Society Foundations arranged for “troop carriers” and “rail cars” to support the caravan, which formed earlier this month in Central America. Johnston has since deleted his Twitter account.

Campbell and Johnston had discussed his leaving over the summer, the company said on Saturday. Johnston was scheduled to leave in November, but the tweet sped up his exit.

“In the last few days, the company and Mr. Johnston have agreed that under the current circumstances it would be best to accelerate the timing of his departure,” a company spokesperson told CNN Business. Thursday was his last day.

Johnston did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNN Business.

Campbell (CPB) disavowed Johnston’s tweet, saying on Tuesday that “the opinions Mr. Johnston expresses on Twitter are his individual views and do not represent the position of Campbell Soup Company.”

The official line now is that you are not allowed to mention anything Soros is funding or you’re an anti-Semite.

Yes, Talia “The Ugliest Yenta” Levin is now working for WaPo after getting fired from The New Yorker for accusing some poor vet with no legs of being a Nazi for having a military tattoo.

They will then back this up with saying that the claims are a “hoax” or a “conspiracy theory.” Their support for this is always “no, he’s not really funding that, haha – an organization he owns is funding the organization that is funding that, hahaha, don’t you see the difference, haha.”

This is what they did with the Kavanaugh protests, that’s what they’ve done with the ongoing European “migrant crisis.”

In this case, there was no direct evidence it was funded by Soros groups, technically – the suggestion that he is behind the caravan is more of a question, or simply saying “this is what he wants, it’s what he did in Europe.”

So, actually, yes: the Campbell’s Soup guy’s tweet was kind of a theory.

But why is he not allowed political representation on the internet?

What does his theory have to do with his ability to sell soup?

Because I really doubt he’d have been fired if he’d have speculated on something the Koch Brothers might have done.

I guess a man can’t sell soup when he’s personally responsible for a synagogue shooting, like everyone who has ever mentioned the name of George Soros.