Jewish Media Hoaxes That Infowars Hoaxed Acosta Assault Footage

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2018

If you didn’t see the assault when it happened live during Trump’s press conference, PJW’s got you covered.

The reason why he’s being defensive is because the lying kike media is claiming that the video of the sexual assault is fake. 

Seriously, it’s a meme across the entire Jewish media – all the big players are saying he used computer technologies to “doctor” the video and make it look worse than it was.

Look at the New York Times:

And The Guardian:

They’re that spooked by the implications of a White House reporter literally attacking a poor intern girl.

Who is quite the cutie by the way.

And was just trying to do her darn job.

Fast Company:

It’s been the subject of a million tweets and become an obsession for online sleuths: What was done to alter the controversial video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s encounter with a White House intern shared by press secretary Sarah Sanders last night? During yesterday’s heated press conference, when Acosta angered President Trump by asking him a straightforward question about the migrant caravan, the president snapped and told him, “That’s enough!” A female White House intern jumped up to grab Acosta’s microphone away from him, but he held on to it and continued to question Trump.

Later in the day, the White House took away Acosta’s credentials, accusing the reporter of “placing his hands” on the intern, though it’s clear that’s not what happened. The video of the encounter went viral–with conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters spreading a version of the video that is at a different speed and at an angle to alter viewers’ impression of the incident in a way that supports the White House’s claim.

So, surprise surprise!  The media has decided to cover for Jim, despite him assaulting that poor girl.

Because the Trump administration don’t play that. 


Jim mansplained, manspread and manassaulted all over that poor young woman.

If this girl comes out and says that she was assaulted, sexually or otherwise, I believe that she should sue Jim and we should support her in that brave decision.

In fact, we should start a GoFundMe for her, and for female justice in general – if we’re talking broadly here.

I could see Trump being called as a star witness in the case of the Wymminz of the United States vs Jim Acosta.

He’d swear to tell the truth and nothing but, and then begin ripping into Jim.

“He was vicious, attacking the poor girl in front of all the media – who are Fake News, I might add – and using his toxic masculinity to keep her away from the mic and from empowering herself at the workplace by doing her job properly.”

And honestly, what are the odds that Jim hasn’t masturbated into a plant in front of a woman?

Vanishingly small.

Please don’t leave, I’m almost finished ugghhhh

So frankly I think CNN needs to #FireAcosta because to do otherwise would be excusing and legitimizing rape in the workplace.


The libs came up with these standards, but I see no reason why we shouldn’t enforce them on Jim.