Jewish Media Falsely Implies Trump Supporters Were Violent at Washington Protest

This is at the top of the Associated Press website this morning:

This story is also at the top of Google News:

Obviously, the implication of that headline is that the Trump supporters were violent.

The article itself also pretends that the violence was from Trump supporters, while not saying it explicitly:

After night fell, the relatively peaceful demonstrations in Washington turned from tense to violent. Videos posted on social media showed fistfights, projectiles and clubs as Trump supporters clashed with those demanding they take their MAGA hats and banners and leave. The tensions extended to Sunday morning. A variety of charges, including assault and weapons possession, were filed against those arrested, officials said. Two police officers were injured and several firearms were recovered by police.

The article does not contain the word “Antifa,” nor does it mention Black Lives Matter.

Whether you just see the headline (overwhelming majority of people), or read the entire article, you are left with the impression that Trump supporters showed up at this rally and then went buckwild, attacking random people.

This is absolutely deranged.

As we already showed you today, ALL of the violence was from these completely unhinged lunatics who have been whipped up into a violent frenzy by the Jewish media.

This one video, which at time of writing has 7 million views, sums up the violence that took place:

That shows disgusting Antifa and black people throwing urine on a handsome young couple in Trump gear as the woman screams and holds her partner.

It is simply beyond the pale that the media is able to get away with this level of fraud, and it should in fact be criminal.

Let me tell you why it should be criminal:

Every single major media organization is now working in tandem to promote a completely false reality to the public, and they are doing it for the purpose of pushing a political agenda. That is not freedom of speech, it is a seditious conspiracy.

But when it really gets criminal is when you find that the media is also working aggressively to silence any voices that disagree with them. Both myself and Alex Jones were silenced as a result of sustained campaigns by the media to have all of our platforms shut down. What’s more, CNN and others have openly doxed people for disagreeing with them, thereby soliciting violence against anyone who doesn’t promote their lies.

What’s more, CNN actually tracked down a guy who made a pro-Trump and anti-CNN meme, and told him that they would dox him if he didn’t stop making memes. That is blackmail, and it is totally illegal in its own right, but it is part of a larger conspiracy to overthrow the elected government by defrauding the public. This is more than just lies – the media has created an entire false reality, and they have hunted down and punished anyone who dares question it.

Any serious country would be protecting freedom of speech, and they would be opening up this media conspiracy and charging these people at the very least with conspiracy to deny people their civil rights. At the very least, everyone who has been censored is the victim of a conspiracy by this media.

And in fact, they’ve done something much worse.

At this point, it is simply stupid.