Jewish Media Controller Zuckerberg Bans Facebook Users from Saying Jews Control Media, Economy, Government

Do Jews not run the world?

They sure appear to run Facebook, which is a big part of the world.

Times of Israel:

Facebook announced this week a new ban on some forms of “implicit hate speech” including harmful stereotypes about Jews “running the world.”

The social media giant, which according to Reuters counts 2.7 billion monthly active users,  revealed on Tuesday changes to its hate speech policy.

The policy update will prohibit some “harmful stereotypes that have historically been used to attack, intimidate or exclude specific group”, Facebook said.

The ban includes depictions of “Jewish people running the world or controlling major institutions such as media networks, the economy or the government”, as well as racist caricatures of Black people in the form of blackface.

Facebook executive Guy Rosen said such depictions have “always gone against the spirit of our hate speech policies but it can be really difficult to take concepts, especially those that are commonly expressed in imagery and define them in a way that allows our content reviewers based around the world to consistently and fairly identify violations.”

The move follows a consultation in the past year with dozens of experts, including historians, social psychologists, and communal groups, he said.

Facebook’s community standards report says the platform took action against 9.6 million posts containing hate speech between January and March.

In the second quarter, the number went up to 22.5 million posts – of which 94.5 percent was detected before online users reported it, the report says.

This concept of the Jews using overwhelming force to silence people who say they have a lot of power would really be hilarious if it wasn’t so frightening.

“We’ll show him we aren’t powerful – by silencing him, making him lose his job, shutting down his bank account, suing him and harassing his family!” is kind of hilarious.