Jewish Media Claims Migrant Shelters are Like Beach Boy All Over Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

The number one trick in the Jewish bag-o-tricks is to claim that children are being abused.

Jews obviously don’t care about dead brown children, as they kill children all the time in Palestine. They are also obsessed with injecting white American children with hormones to destroy their lives because maybe they played with the wrong sex’s toy once.

One tranny clinic tracks the rise of tranny child referrals

Furthermore, Jews rape kids.

However, one thing Jews are good at is finding the emotional and psychological weaknesses of the goyim and exploiting them. Hence, “sad children means every policy we want has to happen.”

NBC News:

An Arizona sheriff’s office on Monday referred claims of “child abuse and assault on minors” at a now-suspended shelter for migrant children to county prosecutors for review to determine if criminal charges should be filed.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to NBC News Monday that it had investigated “several allegations of child abuse and assault on minors” occurring on three days in September at the Hacienda del Sol facility in Youngtown, Arizona.

The sheriff’s office said after an initial response by its deputies, it conducted an investigation into three incidents. That investigation included interviews with all parties involved and witnesses, “forensic interviews with child victims,” and a review of hundreds of hours of surveillance footage to check for any potential unreported incidents, the statement said.

Based on the evidence gathered during that investigation, the sheriff’s office said it “has made the decision to submit the case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for its review and determination of criminal charges.”

Last week, the Arizona Republic published videos that appear to show staff at the Youngtown facility shoving and dragging children. The videos were blurred to protect the children’s privacy, according to the Republic.

One video appears to show a person dragging a child into a room and then shoving the child. Another video appears to show another person dragging a child through a room and then trying to pull the child across the floor as the child lay down and tried to use its legs to block a doorway. At the same time, another person dragged a different child with its arms extended across the same room.

Presumably speaking Spanish is a requirement for this job, so most or all of these employees are Mexican themselves, but never even mind that.

Why are these children our problem? What the hell do a bunch of Central American poverty children have to do with this country? How is it possible that a law was passed that said you have to let children stay in the country?

It is just all of this “humanitarianism” bullshit, which is designed to appeal to women.

The entire invasion of Europe, engineered by Angela Merkel and involving at least 2 million brown men flooding the country to live on welfare and presumably eventually rise up in Islamic revolution, was accomplished with one photograph.

Spammed six million times.

The human traffickers that run the industry in Mexico tell people that a child is a visa to get across the border. So they are actually kidnapping children and selling them to people to carry across the border.

So the entire program has incentivized child-kidnapping. It’s incentivized marching children through the desert, as a child recently died doing. It’s incentivized marching all of these kids up from Central America, where all kinds of things are presumably happening to them.

If we were to open the border, as the Jews are demanding we do, this would all get just that much worse.

Jews don’t care about children.

But they know that women do, and they created in America – and every other Western country – a nation run by women, and their childlike emotions.

So effectively the entirety of Western civilization is held hostage to “how does this picture make you feel?”