Jewish Media Attempting to Convict Australian Soldiers of “War Crimes” Committed in Pointless Wars Started by Jews

The media has some terrible news about a totally real and accurate report from Australian Maj. Gen. Justice Paul Brereton, who is investigating war crimes by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Here are the key findings of the Brenton Report, as per The Guardian:

  • The report found there was “credible information” that 39 Afghans were allegedly murdered by Australian special forces in 23 incidents. Two more were cruelly treated.
  • The report redacts much detail about the individual incidents, but the defence force chief Angus Campbell said none of the alleged killings took place in the heat of the battle. Most are alleged to have occurred while the Afghan victims were detained or under Australian forces’ control. None of the alleged victims were combatants.
  • Brereton said the circumstances of each, were they to be eventually accepted by a jury, would constitute the war crime of murder, and recommended the investigation of criminal charges against 19 Australian service personnel.
  • The report revealed an alleged practice known as “blooding”, or initiation, of young special forces soldiers. It describes a process in which young special forces soldiers would be instructed by their patrol commander to execute a detainee to gain their first kill. Weapons or radios, known as “throwdowns”, were allegedly placed on the body and a “cover story” was created to mask the crime and deflect any scrutiny. A culture of secrecy and cover-up pervaded the special forces. Campbell called blooding an “appalling practice”.
  • The report clearly shows complaints about the Australians’ conduct were made, including by Afghan nationals and local human rights groups. They were ignored or dismissed as Taliban propaganda or attempts to secure compensation.
  • Campbell apologised to the Afghan people, its leaders, and to the Australian people. He described the alleged conduct of the SAS soldiers as “shameful”, “deeply disturbing” and “appalling”. Brereton described it as “disgraceful and a profound betrayal” of all the Australian defence force stood for. He similarly described some of the alleged conduct as “possibly the most disgraceful episode in Australia’s military history”.
  • Campbell announced the disbanding of the second squadron of the SAS. He also said he would recommended to the governor general that the group meritorious citation for special forces, given to personnel serving from 2007 onwards, be withdrawn.
  • The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, called his counterpart in Afghanistan, president Ashraf Ghani, to express his “deepest sorrow” over the findings.

One of the worst parts of the whole story is that when Australian soldiers would prepare to kill a detained prisoner for literally no reason, they would be dancing to the song “I’m Burning for You” by the Blue Oyster Cult on full blast as part of the “blooding in” Mexican gang ritual.

Then, when they went in for the kill, they would play BOC’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” and sing it loudly before they shot these innocent detained terrorists (or cave-dwelling goat farmers or whatever they were). Imagine, the last thing you see before death is some wily Australian cunt singing a 70s pop song in your face.

No, I just made that part up.

But frankly, it would fit very well into this report, which is like something out of a Hollywood movie. Obviously, none of it can ever be proved either way.

Here’s the thing: maybe, when the Jews told the governments of Western countries that it was necessary to invade all of these countries in order to stop the Moslems that Jews flooded their countries with from blowing up their buildings, the officials in Western governments should have said “no”?

The entire core concept of “war crimes” is nonsense. War is about killing people. Claiming that you have to kill people in a specific way or it becomes a crime is silly. It is even more silly to charge the soldiers themselves, rather than the government officials who ordered the soldiers to invade, with crimes.

The Jews that started these insane wars are the ones who should be charged with crimes. The Western soldiers deserve, above all, an apology for being used as tools in this bizarre Jew plot. They also deserve financial compensation for being tricked into getting involved with a Jewish plot by Jewish liars who told them it had something to do with protecting their countries.