Jewish Marianne Williamson Says the World Hates America for Our Video Games

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

If George W. Bush’s “they hate our freedoms” was the stupidest reason you’d ever heard for why the whole world hates America, you’re in luck, because someone just said something stupider.

Marianne Williamson, who is Jewish, says that the world hates us for our video games.

From her website’s section on national security:

America’s problem is not just how many people in the world hate us. It’s also how many people just don’t like us anymore, and are therefore willing to go along with those who seek to harm us.

We treat violence, both domestically and internationally, in an allopathic fashion, simply waiting for the problem to occur, then seeking to suppress or eradicate its symptom.

In short, according to Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, since 9/11 we have spent nearly $6-trillion dollars on wars that arguably do more to support a military-industrial corporate machinery than to build a fundamental and lasting peace in the world.

Imagine a world where we spend that amount of money building true security for our people, as well as for the rest of the world. We are the sole superpower on this planet, at least for the near future. We need to use our estimable resources to put this planet on a path to a survivable future for all.

The United States needs to recognize the ways that we have subtly and not-so subtly glorified violence. From violent video games to seemingly endless military adventures, each of us might ask ourselves, “What is our seeming resistance to peace?”

And we must do more than question. We must decide, as a generation, if in the 21st Century we wish to see an America that is a leader in war or a leader in peace.

Jews are all so predictable.

I actually like Marianne Williamson, insomuch as the world’s #1 neo-Nazi can like a babbling old yenta. I am a sucker for new age kooks. I like talk of psychic energies and love revolutions. I’m slightly uncomfortable with the occult task force, but hey – there is no perfect candidate.

But let’s ctrl+f “Israel” on her page about national security and America’s wars.


Now let’s search her entire site on Google for “Israel.”

On her entire site, there is one sentence about Israel.

Here is is:

Both Palestinian and Israeli leaders will know that the new American president is equally committed to the legitimate security needs of Israel as well as the human rights, dignity and economic opportunities of the Palestinians. 

Just meaningless platitudes.

Video games get a mention as a reason for why everyone hates us, but Israel does not.

In actual fact, violent video games are one of the only things that is creating good will toward America.

People love this shit.

The number one reason that people hate America is that our foreign policy is run by Jews for the benefit of Israel. Marianne talks about the wars, but she acts as though this is an “American” problem. It is not an American problem, it is a Jewish problem. All of these wars were invented and sold to the American people – on utterly false pretenses – by the Jews.

If you want to talk about bad psychic energy, you will need to talk about the Jews.

The United States military is the catamite of the invisible empire of the Jews; we do whatever they demand of us. And because the Jews are so virulently hateful, people hate us for doing their dirty work.

The second reason the whole world hates us is indeed for the entertainment we export – but not the violent video games.

People hate the atrocious filth we export in order to socially engineer the entire global culture through media brainwashing.

That media is all produced by Jews.

The third reason people hate us is for flooding the entire planet with advertisement and consumerism.

People of the world, rightly, view these products as being a force to invade and conquer their traditional cultures.

The German metal band Rammstein has a song about this phenomenon – “Amerika.” The chorus is “we’re all living in America, it’s wonderful.”

They’re right, of course.

This gross system of advertisements and products is obviously destroying every culture on earth.

But this system is not American. It simply originated here, and destroyed our own native culture before moving on to conquer the world in the manner of an evil virus.

This system was created by Jews.

The first ad man was Edward Bernays, the Jewish nephew of the Jew Sigmund Freud. He used Jewish psychological materials to create a system of artificial wants, due to the problem of overproduction that the ruling class was facing. Consumerism is an actual brain disease that is spread through images and sounds.

The BBC made a good four-part documentary series on this entitled “The Century of the Self.” They don’t say “these are all Jews,” but they list their names and you can Google them. They’re all Jews.

I think that every sentiment of hatred towards our country comes from one of those three sources, and they are all Jewish.

So it is accurate to say that there is one reason that the whole world hates America: “Jews.”

America was a big, powerful country due to the greatness of our people, so it was a country that was flooded with Jews, who infected it and used it for their own purposes.

Americans are not the Jews. Jewish culture is not American culture. We were simply the first victims of the Jews.