Jewish Magazine “The Atlantic” Calls for End to Nobel Peace Prize After Trump Nominated

Let’s be real: the Nobel Peace Prize is literally bullshit. They gave it to Barack Obama right after he was elected in 2009 because he was black, then they refused to revoke it after he went on to fight more wars than any man ever in all of history.

Apparently, it couldn’t be revoked because he was black.

Furthermore, the deal between Israel and UAE isn’t really going to lead to peace, but rather the opposite.

That having been said, if anyone deserves an award for “peace,” it is Donald Trump, who is the first US president to not start a new war since Jimmy Carter.

Fox News:

The Atlantic magazine raised eyebrows on Friday when it published a piece calling for the abolition of the Nobel Peace Prize after President Trump was nominated for the prestigious honor.

The president’s name was submitted for the 2021 prize by Norwegian lawmaker Christian Tybring-Gjedde, who cited Trump’s role in brokering a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Trump has since earned a second nomination from Swedish lawmaker Magnus Jacobsson for overseeing an economic deal between Kosovo and Serbia.

The nominations, however, apparently didn’t sit well with the liberal magazine, which declared Friday that “peace had its chance, and blew it.”

“If Trump wins the prize, it will be the fourth Nobel awarded for peace between Israel and its neighbors,” wrote Atlantic staff writer Graeme Wood. “That will make Arab-Israeli peace mediators more successful at charming the Nobel Committee than the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has won three times in the prize’s 120-year history, but still less successful than my favorite, which is no one at all.

“Giving the peace prize to no one at all is a tradition the Nobel Committee should revive, perhaps on a permanent basis,” Wood added. “The record of achievement of the peace laureates is so spotty, and the rationales for their awards so eclectic, that the committee should take a long break to consider whether peace is a category coherent enough to be worth recognizing. Peace had its chance, and blew it. The Trump nomination … helps show why.”

Wood described Tybring-Gjedde’s nomination of Trump “preposterous,”  saying the president’s “main diplomatic maneuver is to adopt a lickspittle posture toward authoritarians, promising them decades in power in return for a smile and a condo development. Peace does not mean a web of personal agreements between rich psychopaths.”

“By now the contradictions of the peace prize should be apparent,” he added. “Is it given for peace, or for rumors of peace? Do you deserve a prize for maintaining despots, as long as the despots are part of a stable network? Is it given for accidentally wrecking a great military — or only if the destruction is intentional? What if you do all the right things, but you are a boor, or an alleged rapist?”

Wood argued that the peace prize is more “subjective” than the other Nobel honors, stating that 1973 winner Henry Kissinger ended and started “many conflicts” and noting that 2009 honoree Barack Obama refused to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and expanded America’s drone program, adding that the 44th president “won for his promotion of, notably not his success in achieving, ‘cooperation between peoples.'”

Here’s the full article in The Atlantic.

That is some really creepy and disrespectful header art, whatever you think of the prize.

That’s almost as creepy as a picture of the author.

At least he did mention Barack Obama.

But here’s the thing: The Atlantic is a Jewish magazine that is objectively and aggressively pro-war. It is run by Jeffrey Goldberg, who is a lunatic Jewish neocon.

I’m sure Goldberg hates white people in general, like in my experience all Jews do, but his main stated issue with Trump is that he refused to start a war with Iran when he had the chance. (I don’t know why Fox refers to The Atlantic as a “liberal magazine” – it has the same foreign policy agenda as Fox News had in 2003 – openly pro-war – and liberalism is still associated with peace-love hippies in a lot of minds. Breaking that connection would be helpful.)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is out there in the public realm saying he’ll start wars with everyone. He wants a war with Russia because of the Alexi Navalny poisoning hoax.

Basically: Jews used to use the Republicans for pushing their foreign policy of wars for Israel and domination of the globe in the name of female empowerment and hardcore anal sex with men. Meanwhile, the Democrats would push their domestic anal agenda. Now, however, they’ve moved their pro-war agenda to the Democrat Party, so the Democrat Party supports both domestic and international forced-anal.

Donald Trump should take a cue here and become the most hardcore pro-America and anti-war president instead of getting involved with people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. If he had a clean, pro-peace, pro-America agenda, without these scumbags involved, he could go out there and say, “look, the Democrats want to overthrow me so they can start wars!”

That’s why I’ve called on him to nominate Rand Paul as his Secretary of State following his victory in November.

In other news with the Jew Atlantic Magazine, they are continuing to refuse to have the people who said Trump insulted WWI soldiers go on record. It remains just the word of these Jews against Donald Trump’s word.

When they accused me of being a pedophile and trying to have sex with a black man, they also used anonymous sources and refused to disclose them when I demanded it. This is standard practice with the Jews – they just make things up, then say some secret person told them. Libel protections should be removed for this behavior.