Jewish “Lord of Nightmares” Jake Tapper is Going Nuts Condemning White Christian Hero Trump

The level of vitriol coming out of the Jewish media is frankly astonishing. I just watched a clip of Jake Tapper, a Jewish host of CNN, which aired Thursday, and I was astonished by the raw hatred on display.

Typically, these Jews tend to hide their disgust for the goyim a little bit. That has been happening less and less during the Donald Trump administration, as Jews have been unable to deal with the concept of a non-Jew being in control of America and running the country in a way that does not put the Jewish agenda first.

Remember: Jews believe that Christians are lower than animals. They believe that we only exist to serve them, because they believe that they are the master race. They believe that their god, who is a desert demon lord from the ancient world, has made them masters of the universe because of their bloodline. So there is always a seething hatred for all of us.

But the hatred that is coming out of the mouths of these Jews now that Trump is refusing to concede the election to this fraudulent claim by them, the Jewish media, that Joe Biden has won the election is taking hatred for the goyim to a whole new level.

According to this Jew Tapper:

  • “Trump is tweeting not just falsehoods, but literally deranged and debunked conspiracy theories”
  • “[Trump] is refusing to acknowledge the plain fact that he has been defeated”
  • “The coronavirus crisis is getting worse”
  • “Trump appears to be desperately, even pathetically, fighting to keep a job that he has no interest in responsibly performing”
  • “Unprecedented, unhinged behavior”
  • “The only questions remaining are the extent to which [Trump] will continue to be a sore loser and the lies he will continue to tell his supporters on his way out the door”
  • “[Defends the CIA like a good liberal]”

The demon Jew Tapper also claimed that his kinsman Jared Kushner, the subversive Jew who attempted to ruin the Trump Administration through evil and underhanded trickery, is telling Trump to resign, while Trump’s Aryan children, Don Jr. and Eric, are urging him to never surrender, similar to the Bruce Springsteen song “No Surrender” from his seminal album “Born in the USA.”

Unlike Donald Trump or Bruce Springsteen, Jake Tapper is not an American. He may have been born in the USA, but he is a Russian Jew, loyal to his kinsmen in Israel.

That is the lesson of the Trump Experience: Jews are evil and they seek to destroy all of us because they hate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After they killed Christ, they devoted themselves to exterminating his followers. That is the entire purpose of the existence of Jews: they are a demon race, devoted purely to killing us off.

These Jews say that they are trying to create a New World Order in which they will rule over all of us as slaves, and force us to perform in their satanic rituals. However, as the great Christian leader Adolf Hitler said, this is actually a fake goal, and their real goal is simply to destroy all life on earth.

The Christian leader and anti-Jewish fighter Hitler wrote:

Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.

And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.

Remember that: when you fight against the Jews, you are defending all life on earth, and you are doing the work of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

And understand this: as we stand with our leader Donald Trump, we are now no different than the Christian Germans who stood with their leader Adolf Hitler against the Jewish menace which sought to destroy all life on earth.

Remember what the defeat of Hitler brought to this world – mass immigration, race-mixing, gay anal marriage, child trannies, obesity, women’s liberation, mass drug use, the JJ Abrams Star Wars films, the destruction of the family, endless, stupid wars, and every other horrible thing you know.

If Trump loses this battle against the Jews, the results are going to be so much worse than that.

This is their final move.

They say they want to create a New World Order. They are saying that openly now. They say they want a “Great Reset” to establish global communism on earth. That is their open claim. But what they are actually planning to do is wipe out all life on earth, including plant life and even bacteria, to turn this planet that God gave to us into a dead ball spinning through the galaxy.

One thing I agree with this Jew on: Trump shouldn’t be in the White House, alone. He should be out here in America, with the people.

We need Donald Trump on the streets.

The Jews have declared war on the White Christian people of this country and of the world and it is time to stand and fight.