Jewish Lightning: Semitic Slumlord Offers Insight Into String Of Arsons Ravaging San Francisco

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2017

Jews have a notoriously toxic and problematic relationship with property ownership. They’re infamous for being heartless slumlords that have absolutely no scruples in their dealings with tenants (shocking, I know).

Check out this based kike-hating black guy in a bow-tie!

A recently released list of the 100 Worst Landlords in New York City – released by the city government itself – reads like a guest list at a Borough Park bat mitzvah.

I’m starting to see why Hitler wanted to keep an eye on these people.

New York City is like a flashpoint for Semitic shenanigans involving property. You have cases of Jewish slumlords getting busted for harassing tenants to drive them out so they can raise rents and in some cases even getting murdered for their shady dealings.

You have to be a particularly egregious kike for the New York Post to call you out like that.

Even once you get further away from the most Jewish city on earth, these hook-noses are STILL up to no good – whether it’s blockbusting in Rockland County or in New Jersey, or the corruption surrounding the ever-expanding Hasidic hell-hole known as Kiryas Joel, an Ultra-Orthodox rat’s nest known for defrauding the government and child molestation cases.

These parasitical pharisees are so hateable, even their normie and left-leaning neighbors break the Holohoax sympathy conditioning and come out in droves to oppose them. There’s an amateur documentary made by a resident of nearby Monroe that chronicles the corruption and disgusting behavior these people exhibit.

As it turns out, the East coast is not the only place these heebs engage in underhanded and dangerous property practices. Anywhere they go (even in Jolly Ol’ England), you know some dishonorable deeds involving property are bound to occur. Out in San Francisco, a streak of “Jewish lightning” seems to have broken out.


A series of strange and unsettling fires in the Mission District have people wondering: Are the city’s landlords using arson to drive out low-income tenants? And is this the deadly endgame of gentrification and tech-boom greed?

The goofy looking Jewrnalist who is investigating this, Britkike Jon Ronson, found a Jew who had burned his own building who agreed to give him the rundown of how this operation worked.

“Don’t screw me over,” he says.

It’s about the first thing he says to me.

He stirs his coffee. “I don’t lead a life of crime, just so you know,” he says. “You probably don’t realize that.”

Then he tells me why he plotted to burn down the apartment building he owned.

One wonders whether this is extreme rationalization, complete lack of self-awareness, their world-famous penchant for mental-illness and neuroticism, or a combination of all three.

“I was just going to burn down a building and collect the insurance money. That makes me a criminal now? You goyim and your rules.”

We can speculate as to the ethnoreligious backgrounds of the landlords whose buildings went up in flames. But the real highlight of the article is with this scumbag slumlord, a Jew who Ronson refers to as “Gideon.”

After buying a building and thinking it would be easy street, Gideon “suddenly” realized his clientèle weren’t the most upstanding individuals.

But he soon realized he had a problem: He found the tenants he had inherited to be repulsive and frightening.

“This building was the bottom,” he says. “The bottom of housing. The residents had been there years. You can imagine. The bottom of the population pool. These were people who couldn’t live anywhere else, people straight out of prison, drug rehab, people who never worked a day in their lives, people who couldn’t function in society.… I didn’t want to walk in the door. I was scared. I hated it.”

Likely story, Shlomo.

Refer to this NYC landlord list above and tell me these people aren’t drawn towards this dishonorable occupation.

If there ever was a synonym for Jew, this would be it.

After hiring a management company to deal with animal control, Gideon encountered another problem: lawsuits.

Gideon sighs. “Violation of civil rights. Habitability. It’s all bullshit. They’d shit on the floor and take a picture of it. I had a guy who glued bologna sandwiches to his wall and sued me because his room had roaches.”

At this, Gideon launches into a tirade against San Francisco attorneys who specialize in tenants’ rights. He paints me a picture of a city filled with attorneys who “prey off of buildings like this. They claim to be for the people, but they’re full of crap. They live off the carcasses of people that don’t really have anything.”

Partially projection, but he’s also correct on some level.

This is the roaches coming home to roost: Jews created the civil rights lawsuit industry, which has roots in the early 20th century, specifically the Shelley v. Kraemer case, which ended freedom of association and racially restrictive covenants in real estate. Now you have to let these animals live in your tenements and deal with the problems they bring.

What would drive someone to burn down an apartment complex they owned?

He explains: Other SRO owners might burn down their buildings for rational reasons. “San Francisco is this little sliver of desirable space, this bubble that wants to develop. The tech companies, the financial companies, people want to live here. And so the right building could be significantly undervalued because of the rent-controlled tenants in it. Clearing out the tenants would be a good way to do it. Not good in an ethical sense. Expedient. So you can get a much higher value for the building.

After kvetching publicly for a period, Gideon was approached by a man working for the feds, who offered to burn the building for $65,000. After accepting the offer, Gideon was arrested five days later.

Gideon was jailed for 17 months. He hung around with the other Jewish prisoners. They were popular. Gideon says the non-Jewish inmates would ask their advice on starting businesses or trading currencies.


That’s good. Prisons already have reputations as “Gladiator academies.” Now we have arsonist slumlords giving financial advice to criminals.

“AYO Herschel: So is you be sayin’ I can get me one a dem minority business loans n sheeit?”

The entire article is worth a read because despite trying to paint San Fagsicko’s mulitracial population in a sympathetic light, it reveals the simmering cesspool that city really is.

Gotta give this goofy yid credit. This article offers some insight into the depraved mind of a low-life Jew and how they profit off of the world’s misery.

Editor’s Note: Ronson is the Jew who followed Alex Jones when he infiltrated Bohemian Grove. His role in this was featured in his 5-part 2001 BBC series “The Secret Rulers of the World,” which also featured David Icke and the story of Ruby Ridge. You can find all five parts on YouTube. He also wrote a semi-okay book about the US military’s interest in the paranormal called “Men Who Stare at Goats” (which was made into a movie with George Cloony and Jeff Bridges that I never watched). I am unsurprised he gave this Jewish Lightening story a fair treatment. He’s a very weird Jew. -AA