Jewish Liars Accuse Hezbollah of Smuggling Drugs Into America

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2017

A “scoop” written by Zionist Jew Josh Meyer for Politico has been making the rounds in cuckservative press lately. The article claims that Hezbollah teamed up with Mexican drug cartels to smuggle $1 billion dollars worth of cocaine into the United States through Venezuela, and the Obama administration let them do it.

There are even implications that other targets of Jew ire like Venezuela, Vladimir Putin, etc are involved!

I was disappointed when Tucker Carlson – who was won the trust of every day Americans with his honest and useful reporting – gave this neo-con kike propaganda an amplifier and even defended it.

Carlson is giving this hoax a lot of air time. Just a few days ago he had some think-tank spook on claiming that Hezbollah not only is guilty of this, but was behind the AMIA bombing in Argentina. The conspiracy theory that Hezbollah was behind the attack in Buenos Aires – and it was “covered up” – is Infowars-tier crap.

But don’t dismiss the power of this lie just yet. As we all know, heartland America is currently suffering under a massive drug epidemic. It just so happens that Israel needs war-weary white people to get ready to fight Hezbollah for them in Syria and Lebanon. Put Jew and Jew together!

Fake news has caused wars before. The New York Times’ Jewish reporter’s fake story about Iraq’s WMDs caused a catastrophe where a million people died and a whole generation of American men were scarred for life.

The article is lengthy and full of innuendo, but doesn’t prove anything. It is also entirely predicated on the word of two “sources”:

Katherine Bauer, a Jew who is literally from AIPAC.

And David Asher, another Jew who works for a Paul Singer funded Israel-centered think-tank called the “Foundation for Defense of Democracies”:

The Josh Meyer’s Politico “bombshell” is more or less a re-write of trash printed in the Jew neo-con Washington Free Beacon last summer.

As we now know, the Jews behind the Washington Free Beacon (Paul Singer is also its main benefactor) are believed to be the ones who financed the Trump “Russia dossier” forgery!

So you tell me what is more likely:

A) A conspiracy between Los Zetas drug cartel and Hezbollah enabled by Vladimir Putin, Iran and Venezuela with the quiet support of the US government to fill America with billions worth of drugs?


B) A bunch of filthy Jew liars drumming up war propaganda?

Just for the record, before the nuclear deal the US had no qualms illegally confiscating $150 billion dollars worth of Iranian assets.

Not to mention the fact that Hezbollah wouldn’t be dumb to organize anything with the Mexican cartels on the US border. A mouse doesn’t fart without the CIA knowing about it down there, no matter what they want you to think. Narco-trafficking is something that is facilitated by the US government because it gets a cut and uses the money to fund unsavory activities all over the world. The full-extent of this relationship is unknown, but it’s basically an open secret.

In the end, it’s Jews and the US government itself who are killing white America with drugs.

And now these very entities are planting fake stories in the press to convince you to die in another Middle Eastern war.