Jewish Lesbians Give Sex-Changing Hormone Treatment to 11-Year-Old Adopted White Son

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2013

Thomas Lobel, who his homosexual 'moms' now call 'Tammy,' pictured at his older brother's Bar Mitzvah.
Thomas Lobel, who his homosexual ‘moms’ now call ‘Tammy,’ pictured at his older brother’s Bar Mitzvah.

In what is doubtlessly the most sickening and infuriating instance of this new cultural drive toward mass numbers of people mutilating themselves as a result of untreated gender identity disorder, a pair of Jewish lesbians in Berkeley have decided to give their handicapped 11-year-old White son they ‘adopted’ (read: kidnapped with state sanction) hormone treatment to prevent him from going through puberty, supposedly making it easier for him to have sex-change surgery later in life.

This is yet more outright proof that homosexual adoption is insane, and that homosexuals only seek to adopt children because they desire to abuse them.

We all remember the gay couple that bought the Russian baby so they could rape him, right?  And we remember how the media celebrated it as so fantastic, these loving parents with their beautiful son, and then was so confused when it turned out they bought the baby on the black market in Russia just to rape him, prostitute him and make videos of the acts?‎

We’ve got the same thing happening here with two pervert Jewesses, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, raping a poor disabled child of his innocence and manipulating him into a sick and deranged mutilation of his body that there is simply no way he will ever recover from.  I would also be less than shocked to find out they were sexually abusing the boy, or letting males from the California Jewish homosexual community do this.

Clearly, even if the boy was not pressured in this direction by his militant Jewish lesbian “parents” – if you imagine that he wasn’t, I’ve got a bridge you might want to make me an offer on – a boy growing up with two mentally ill mothers is going to be psychologically damaged in a horrible fashion.

The Jewesses claim that the first thing Thomas, who they now call ‘Tammy’ and refer to with female pronouns, did when he learned sign language (which is his main form of communication, due to a speech impediment) was tell them that he was a girl – well, it makes sense that this would be the case, if all he was exposed to for the year since he was adopted by the criminal perverts at age two was man-hating lesbianism, right?

"Tammy."  God have mercy on us all.
“Tammy.” God have mercy on us all.

They claim that at age seven he threatened to mutilate his own genitals – does that sound like something that would happen in real life, in a normal, healthy family? A seven-year-old threatening to cut off his penis because he didn’t want to be a boy?  On the basis of this claim (which could either be made up or not), the Jewesses began ‘transitioning’ the boy.

A couple months ago, he began hormone treatment that will keep him from going through puberty naturally, as the Jewesses claim that this will help him with the sex change, and if they don’t do it he’ll kill himself.  A “hormone suppressant” has been implanted in his arm, and will keep him from growing facial hair, keep his shoulders narrow and keep his voice from changing.  It will also keep him from growing.

Before and after Thomas' full indoctrination into homosexuality by the California Jews.
Before and after Thomas’ full indoctrination into gender identity disorder by homosexual California Jews.

The Jewesses, who were married by a Rabbi in 1990, cited their religious community as being instrumental in cheering for their decision to ‘transition’ the helpless White European child.  Moreno said, “‘We live in the Bay area where lots of alternative lifestyles are in place… and we belong to a religious community that was incredibly supportive. They make it a point when we’re in synagogue to come over and tell Tammy, “Oh, you look so pretty today.”‘

Here is a picture from CNN, provided by Pauline Moreno, where you can see Thomas, still a boy at the time, with a man’s arm around him:

Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man's arm around him.
Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man’s arm around him.

I wonder if this could be the arm of a man from the Jewish homosexual community?  I wonder what sort of relationship this man had with the boy?

How is This Legal?

The two Jewish lesbians claim that they have not forced the boy to become a girl.  Yeah, those two don't look like they would ever try and force anyone to do anything, right?  I mean come on guys, have you ever heard of butch dykes being aggressive and trying to force their will on other people?  It's a totally crazy suggestion.
The two Jewish lesbians claim that they have not forced the boy to become a girl. Yeah, those two don’t look like they would ever try and force anyone to do anything, right? I mean come on guys, have you ever heard of butch lesbians aggressively trying to force their will on other people? It’s a totally crazy suggestion.

We must now ask: why on earth this is legal?  Clearly, an eleven-year-old boy is not capable of making a decision about something as monumental and life-altering as this.  Why does the state not step in?

It seems that that before the gay rights movement, there was no existing law to deal with this sort of thing because it wasn’t scientifically possible and no one had ever imagined anything as sick as this.  Surely, the government cannot now question these homosexuals and their agenda, so, as there are no laws presently in existence about using hormone treatment to mutilate children, these lesbians which the state has assisted in kidnapping this boy are allowed to do anything they want to him.

In their interview with the Daily Mail, the parents repeatedly cited an alleged risk of suicide if they did not do this to the boy, and I suppose if this was taken to the corrupt, Jew-run court system of America today, they would have Jewish psychologists come in and say the same, and the mutilation of this poor kidnapped child would be given the blessing of the state.

This has to stop.  Homosexuality is not simply a war against nature, it is a war against the innocence of children – and there is nothing more sickening and wrong than that.

Here is a moving video report from CNN.

Note the unhinged manner of the black lady who also endorsed her child’s body mutilation. Also note that the pediatric endocronologist, Walter J. Meyer III, who is also a child psychiatrist and very supportive of this practice, appears to be Jewish.

May God help have mercy on our souls for allowing such evil to happen in our society.