Jewish Journal: “Jews are Not White” – A Deplorable Admission

Daily Stormer
September 11, 2016


Jews are totally huwhite. Huehuehue…

Because of their control of mass media, Jews have managed to convince the stupid goyim that they’re just the same as us, except that their religion is a bit different.

A major part of our work is to get people to wise up to that deplorable deception.

It’s always helpful when the Jews remind their fellow tribesmen that they aren’t in the same basket as Whites, forgetting they’re talking in public, on the internet.


The Jewish Journal:

In his most recent column, Dennis Prager wonders (as he does in many of his columns over the years) why Jews continue to support left-leaning causes such as Black Lives Matter – even when their avowed platform is anti-Israel.

The answer is quite simple. As Jews we are commanded each year at the Passover to feel as if we were in Egypt as slaves. As slaves who were part of a liberation movement, we identify and support the cause of the oppressed. We identify with the cause of African-Americans in this country because they were slaves in this country.


Oy vey, the golem are rebelling!

Jews have a natural, biological inclination to support “oppressed” minorities in order to destabilize their host society. This Jew is justifying this with the idea that they share a history of “slavery” with the Blacks. But it’s meaningless, since White people where also, deplorably,  slaves by the millions throughout history.

Jews will always believe Black Lives matter because Jews do not think of themselves as “White People.” You have but to walk down a street in Tel Aviv to see the multiplicity of Jewish skin colors. You have but to live as a Jew in any time in history, in any country including the United States, to recognize we are not the White People – we were not the White People allowed into certain clubs, schools, neighborhoods for most of American history. We are not the people rallying for “white people’s rights.” As Ta-Nehisi Coates has written more eloquently that I ever will, “Our notion of what constitutes “white” and what constitutes “black” is a product of social context.”


You’re definitely not White.

Thanks for clearing that up though.

Sorry, Timmy, but nobody wants to hear you any longer. Then again, laughing at your idiotic ramblings on your little-read blog is quite fun.

Could you the basket-case Tim Wise, though? Deplorably,  he didn’t seem to get the memo.

Dennis Prager makes much of how the Left has often betrayed Jews. He is not wrong about that. But he is wrong in thinking that means Jews should stop supporting the causes of the Left. Consider the alternative: How have Jews fared under the right? Far worse. In Egypt, or under the Greeks and Romans, in Spain and Portugal under the Inquisition, in Europe during the Reformation, in France at the time of Dreyfus, or in Hitler’s Germany or his Reichlands. Consider the fate of Jewish lives under right wing governments in Hungary or Poland – are they better off than they were under Leftist regimes? One can even ask, as members of the Israeli Knesset have, whether more Israelis have died as a result of the policies of the current right-wing Likud government than in those years when Labor was in power (they have).

The source of the Jew’s power, is the weakness in men’s hearts. By plying men with gold, whores and luxuries, they can carve a space for themselves, where they can engage in their deplorable work.


Jew gold is basically Sauron’s ring of power.

The left, in it’s essence, is about individualism and immediate gratification of sensual desires, while the right is about self-sacrifice in the present in order to insure a better future and a respect for timeless truths.

In this sense, it’s obvious why the left would represent a better opportunity for the Jews to infiltrate our societies, and why the right would constitute a greater danger to their existence.

The true right is definitely anti-semitic, down to it’s very essence.