Jewish Involved in 911

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2016


Yesterday, I wrote a 911 15th anniversary piece and a few people have expressed concern that I didn’t focus enough on Jewish involvement in the event, so I would like to clear that up.

Yes, it is obvious that the Jews wanted this to happen so that they could kick-start their wars. The neocon Jews wrote about the need for a “Pearl Harbor like event” in their 2000 document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.”

That said, I don’t think there is a need to go into remote control planes and claim that Moslems didn’t do nothing. The Saudis are stupid, hateful monkeys, and would have wanted to do 911 either way. Moslems celebrated 911 across the planet. They are constantly calling for more attacks.

With the recently-released 28-pages, we have a confirmation of Saudi secret service involvement in 911. I don’t think this is a hoax. I do, however, believe that the Saudi secret services are effectively a branch of the Mossad, and that nothing they do slips past the Jews.

So, there isn’t really any conceivable difference between “Jews did 911” and “Saudis did 911.” They are allies, they both hate America and they both wanted to start all of these wars in the Middle East to take down their enemies. They have both been caught recently providing support for ISIS. Their interests overlap 100%.

I think the initial idea for the attack had to have been from the Jew agents within the Saudi intelligence services. But I do believe there were Arabs on the planes. Of course, the American intelligence services were tracking these Arabs, so they had to have known what was coming as well, and would have been told to stand-down by the Jews.


And ultimately, if it were not for the Jewish policy of mass immigration, the event would have been impossible.

What I have seen with the 911 Truth movement though is an obsession with conspiracy details, which run around in circles and don’t mean anything, don’t ever go anywhere. We know for a fact that both the Arabs and the Jews hate us. After 911, we saw Moslems across the planet dancing in the streets, and we heard Bibi Netanyahu say “this is very good for Israel.”

So, no. I am not endorsing the official story. The official story is that Osama bin Laden did it, and there is not any evidence of that. There is confirmation, however, that the Saudi government planned it, and it is a known fact that Saudi is a proxy state of Israel.

So, yes. The Jews did do 911. But only because it would have been impossible for the Arabs to pull-off such an event without Jewish help. If the Saudis had been capable of getting the US government to let them do it, they would have done it on their own. They wanted these wars just as much as Israel, because any stable, secular Arab government is a threat to Saudi Arabia in the same way it is a threat to Israel.

I don’t think any details beyond that are important.