Jewish Internet Villain Peter Schiff Offers Unconditional Surrender to Bitcoin Maxis

Media coverage of the unconditional surrender of ZOG in Afghanistan has overshadowed another unconditional Jewish surrender: Jewish internet villain Peter Schiff’s unconditional surrender to Bitcoin Maximalists.

The odious fiend Schiff appeared on some podcast with some bitch and was asked about his biggest mistake, which he admitted was not buying Bitcoin.

Schiff, who identifies as a Libertarian, has been working for years to destroy Bitcoin by talking it down and pumping up “gold,” a worthless type of rock collected and hoarded by boomers for unclear purposes.

Schiff’s surrender is meaningless in the scheme of things, because Bitcoin Maxis have already triumphed completely, and all that will happen now is a slow decline of the non-Bitcoin economy. However, symbolically, Schiff’s admission of total defeat and complete incompetence is very meaningful.

It’s not dissimilar to the victory of the Taliban: it doesn’t directly affect our lives, really, but it is a meaningful sign of things to come.

Frankly, the entire internet is winning hand over fist against the forces of old and evil.

What a time to be alive.