Jewish Internet Police Chief Joe Bernstein Trying to Shut Down Our Discord Chat Room

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2017

Joe Bernstein’s job is as a “journalist” for Buzzfeed. But his higher purpose in life is to run around the internet demanding things be shut down to protect his sickening race: the Han Chinese.

No wait, sorry – he’s Jewish.

He is the sheriff of the Jewish Internet Police.

He is coming off of his recent successful campaign to shut down Sam Hyde’s cartoon show, and now he’s got a new target: the /pol/ and Daily Stormer Discord chat rooms.

He wrote an entire article about it. Seriously, go read it. It’s on Buzzfeed. He says weev is using it to plot nefarious schemes.

He called up people from the company and tried to get them to shut it down and they said they can’t monitor everything people do on their program.

theBigKK talked to him for some reason.

Protip: if Joe Bernstein wants to talk to you, he is trying to Jew you. Giving him screenshots of you talking to the company increased the chances of us getting shut down by over 9000%.

I have absolutely no idea why you would do that. Seriously dude. I don’t want to call you out publicly on this because you’re a bretty cool guy, but you already called yourself out publicly in a Buzzfeed article by Joe Bernstein. Even normies who read that article are smdh like “why is the admin of the /pol/ Discord server giving this activist Jew journalist information to help him shut down his Discord server?”

You gave him proof that the company is aware of us specifically, which Bernstein then used as leverage to publicly accuse them of knowingly enabling Nazis.

Anyway, not trying to be too hard on theBigKK, he obviously didn’t do this on purpose. But let this be a lesson to every one of you: Jewish journalists are not your friends (this goes for non-Jewish journalists as well, technically). There is zero to gain by talking to them, unless you’re somehow trolling them. Any real information you give them will be used against us or will not be used at all.

But whatever. I don’t even go on Discord.

This Bernstein guy though.


They could make a movie about this guy.

Wait wait wait.


I’m gonna write the trailer.

Narrator: In a world where pissed off dickheads on the internet are trying to instigate a second Holocaust by making jokes about Jews on the internet...

[Sam Hyde laughing, then Hitler laughing, then their faces overlayed on each other flashing]

Narrator: One Jew has the nerve to scurry around...

Bernstein: [on the phone with Sam Hyde] Hi is this Sam?

Narrator: Complaining about everything....

Bernstein: [still on the phone with Sam Hyde] Because a lot of people on your twitter account seem to be associated with something called the Alt-Right...

Narrator: Until he gets everything he views as critical of the Jewish people...

[Sam Hyde laughing again]

Narrator: Shut down.

News Reporter: [Live from Georgia] I'm here at the Adult Swim studio in Atlanta, where the network has officially announced that they are canceling an 11 minute neo-Nazi sketch comedy show featuring secret swastikas produced by the serial school shooter Sam Hyde because of the vigilant Jewish activism of renowned Buzzfeed journalist Joe Bernstein.

[Joe Bernstein puts on sunglasses and mounts an adult bicycle.]

Narrator: This fall, there's a new sheriff in town...

Joe Bernstein: [In Starbucks, ordering] Yeah, a venti Caffè Mocha with extra cinnamon for Joe.

Narrator: One Jew...

[Bernstein is scrolling and abruptly spits coffee and whipped cream all over his MacBook]

Narrator: Will face a challenge greater than any he's ever faced before...

[Bernstein is panicked, rapidly scrolling, screen shows Discord chatroom with Pepes and gas chambers]

Joe Bernstein: ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod

[Bernstein scrolls down to finally see a meme of his own self getting gassed by Donald Trump, throws his head back and his arms up and screams]

Narrator: Joe Bernstein is...

[Bernstein is in the synagogue in a yarmulke, crying before a rabbi]

Joe Bernstein: Why does it have to be me? Why must I carry this burden, rabbi?

Rabbi: Because you're the only one who can, Joe. It's all up you. Either you do what needs to be done to stop these memes, or - poof! - it's all over for the Jewish people.

[Bernstein stares in the rabbi's eyes, images of Auschwitz in his head]

Narrator: Sheriff Joe...

Abe Foxman: [On the phone to Bernstein] The chat room, Joe - you've got to shut.

George Soros: [On the phone to Bernstein] It.

Bibi Netanyahu: [On the phone to Bernstein] Down.

[Bernstein speeding on his adult bicycle on the sidewalk knocking people out of the way, wearing a bluetooth headset, he comes to a sliding stop, barely missing a bus]

Joe Bernstein: Oy vey.

[Montage: Explosion, Sam Hyde laughing, Hitler laughing, Bernstein on his adult bicycle, a crowd of people screaming "Pepe," another explosion, Donald Trump laughing, Sam Hyde saying "Viewtiful Joe."

Narrator: Chief of the Jewish Internet Police.

This film is not yet rated.