Jewish Goldman Sachs Banker Bribes British Government for Head Spot at the BBC

RT, which is Russian state-backed media, truly is a national treasure of all Western nations.

Here’s a headline they ran today:

You don’t really even need to read the article, do you?

But let’s have a peak at the lede.


A former Goldman Sachs investment banker who donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the UK’s ruling Conservative Party has been officially named as the BBC’s new chairman, the government said on Wednesday.

The BBC board chair is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the government and comes with a £160,000 ($221,000) annual salary for three to four days work per week.

Richard Sharp, who was offered the role last month, will serve a four-year term, during which he will be responsible for safeguarding the state-run broadcaster’s independence.


This is corruption on par with the worst communist debacle states of the 20th century.

He probably doesn’t need the money, and the fact that RT runs that as the second paragraph speaks to their own worldview, which is shaped by the experiences of communism, where corruption was primarily about wealth, rather than influence, because influence was absolute in a single party state, but material wealth was currency. Now, material abundance is absolute among the elite, and influence is currency.

But how is the rest of the media reporting this outrage?

What do our brave journalists have to say about putting a Jewish banker in charge of state media as a result of bribery?

Well, there aren’t many headlines at all, frankly.

But here’s Reuters:

The article is four sentences.

Doesn’t mention the “donations.”

It does mention that Sharp is “responsible for upholding and protecting the independence of the broadcaster.” It doesn’t explain how a Jewish banker is going to be independent.

Notice that the byline is “Reuters Staff.”

No one wants their name attached to this.

As I wrote in my review of Glenn Greenwald’s review of the tattletale industrial complex: the journalists all know what’s going on.