Jewish Globalist George Soros Giving $220 Million to Black Lives Matter

Ah, the blacks. What a fascinating species.

It would be a kind of tragicomedy if they would just loot and burn down their own neighborhoods and kill their own people. Kind of like a nature documentary, something you could watch through a pair of binoculars while huddled up on a rooftop with your trusty bolt-action rifle.

Since these people depend on white society more than we do, they gain nothing from attacking it, and would not do that on their own in an organized way.

Seriously – some “racists” get mad when you say it, like they want to believe the blacks are themselves evil masterminds, but black people do not have an agenda, evil or otherwise, beyond having sex, doing drugs, buying sneakers and rapping. Of course there would always be low-level crime, because of the low IQ/high testosterone equation. But on their own, they would not hatch a plot. They only time that ever happened in history was in Haiti, and that was all down to one guy.

The actual fact of reality is that blacks and whites can live in peace together. We did it for hundreds of years.

That is why the Devil made his servants, who call themselves Jews.

The Hill:

Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic organization founded by billionaire George Soros, is investing $220 million in emerging organizations and leaders building power in Black communities across the U.S. 

The largest share for the investment, $150 million, will be through a set of five-year grants to Black-led organizations focused on racial equality, the organization announced Monday.

For comparison, Donald Trump’s entire 2016 campaign raised about $340M.

Some of the organizations receiving the grants are fighting for expanding voting rights, while others are fighting for police reform. Recipients of this set of investments include Black Voters Matter, Circle for Justice Innovations, Repairers of the Breach and the Equal Justice Initiative, according to Open Society Foundations.

In addition to the five-year grants, Open Society Foundations said it is also making a series of investments totaling $70 million in “more immediate efforts to advance racial justice.” 

The investment includes efforts to support local governments and organizations seeking to strengthen local expertise in understanding and navigating municipal budgets as cities “reimagine public safety” and move “beyond the culture of criminalization and incarceration.” 

The foundation is also investing in creating opportunities for students to enroll in internships and fellowships that focus on racial justice, democracy, organizing and mentorship. 

The foundation’s investments will also support ongoing efforts to fight voter suppression and ensure safe and secure elections amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

“This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America,” Alex Soros, George Soros’s son and the deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement. “These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long.”

Imagine if it was Russians dumping this huge amount of money on a full spectrum campaign to get Donald Trump elected on the back of a grassroots white racial movement.

The screeching would echo throughout the world, and the echos would echo. You would turn on MSNBC, and Rachel Maddow would just be shrieking a blood-curling harpy cry into the camera, pausing only to take in shaky breaths, for her entire hour.

Instead, we have a Hungarian Jew spending $220 million on a radically violent black racial movement, which is supposed to carry Biden to victory.

And the Republican media is silent.

Supposedly, because they are afraid of being called racist by Jews on Twitter, who will complain that “George Soros” is a dogwhistle conspiracy about hating them. Meanwhile a Jew with that name is openly spending millions to tear open the fabric of our society. He is doing this because he hates White people and Christianity.