Jewish Georgetown Professor Tweets That the Corpses of White Men Should be Castrated and Fed to Pigs

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2018

In trying times like these, I am always comforted by the words of mass murderers like Sam Hyde on Twitter.

Especially after reading news like this.


A controversial professor at Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University has tweeted that “entitled white men” deserve to have their corpses castrated and fed to pigs. The university doesn’t seem to think there’s a problem.


This is the kind of insanity you would expect to come from some no-name community college in the pacific northwest, not a DC government feeder-school. Georgetown, in general, is a strange duck. It’s a Catholicuck University – otherwise it would probably be an Ivy – with deep ties to the government and Washington, DC.

So this is a very strange hill for a university to stand and fight on.

These statements are not really defensible by any objective standards, even liberal ones of civil discourse. They’re SJW fringe. Not the kind of thing that you would expect a serious institution to allow.

Besides, DC remains overwhelmingly staffed by White men of a higher than average socio-economic status!

Professor C. Christine Fair tweeted a link to a video of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham speaking in support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who has been accused of a sexual assault which allegedly took place in 1982 while he was in high school.

But Fair, whose Twitter account has since been suspended, didn’t stop there. The professor went on to write that the men defending Kavanaugh “deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps.”

I guess Twitter has to suspend a few of these crazies to try and seem impartial now, what with the government pressure.

Fair’s employer, Georgetown University, did not seem too bothered by Fair’s comments, however. In a statement given to the Daily Caller website, Georgetown said that the views of faculty members expressed in private capacities are “not the views of the University” and that the institution’s policy “does not prohibit speech based on the person presenting ideas or the content of those ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable.” Georgetown said Fair was entitled to freedom of speech, but added that “classrooms and interaction with students be free of bias and geared toward thoughtful, respectful dialogue.”

Georgetown’s tepid response raised a few eyebrows online, with many saying that Fair should be fired at the very least. At least one user went as far as saying the university deserved to lose donor and alumni support.

There’s a pity/empathy well that every white person has in his soul.

Ours is much deeper than most other races. In fact, I’m not sure that other races even have souls. There is very little to indicate any deep reservoir of feeling within them at all.

Over the years, I’ve been lowering the bucket into the well, pulling up more and more of the reserves.

Recently though, I lowered it and heard a metallic clunk instead of the usual ploosh of water.

Turns out my compassion well has totally run dry. Not sure when it happened. But it did. And now there’s nothing left to dredge up. And you better believe I’m not the only one who’s coming up on empty. There are millions of young white men who are starting to feel the same way.

But it wasn’t until I read this story that I seriously began thinking: “holy shit, there’s a legit chance of civil war in America breaking out.”

And I realized that our side won’t start it, that honor will go to their side.

Why? Simple. Because these people think they can get away with anything!

They’re so emboldened that now they can openly say stuff about murdering White politicians and judges; mutilating their corpses, and they do, in fact, get away with it! 

Like, this wasn’t a general statement about how bad white supremacy is couched in AcademicSpeak or whatever. It’s much more specific. Almost an incitement to violence. An incitement to political terror, even.

Which is how you eventually get political terror, and civil war, by the way.

People can’t just go all in. They edge closer and closer to it, like kids wading into a pool.

Escalating their rhetoric bit by bit, seeing what they can get away with. Hurling insults, then throwing stones, then chucking grenades.

A lefty will see Christine getting away with basically terrorist talk and be similarly emboldened.

Then, possibly, a crazier than average lefty will take matters into his own hands and attempt something IRL. At which point, if other lefties defend this crazy person’s assassination attempt or whatever, that’s a green light for everybody on their side to go ham, isn’t it?

That’s how I see it going down, anyway.

Feels like we’re close, fam. So, so close.