Jewish Feminist Attacks Virgin Birth Says It Promotes Rape

Michael Hoffman
Revisionist Review
December 26, 2014

Valerie Taco claims abortion is a ‘sacred gift’ and now she says Mary the mother of God was a rape victim.

The Cryptocracy has a proclivity for timing the publication of heavily publicized speeches, “news” articles and books that dishonor and defame Jesus and Blessed Mary close to Advent and Lent —  observances which some Protestants and Mormons disparage as meaningless or even pagan, but which the Cryptocracy knows are archetypal sacred seasons linked to the people’s image of Christ, presenting an opportunity for demon-possessed individuals to ritually insult and traduce them.

“Conservative hero” Bill O’Reilly’s book deflecting blame from Jews for the Crucifixion of Christ while blaming the Romans exclusively and denying Christ’s struggle with Pharsiaic Judaism, was reissued as a children’s volume (The Last Days of Jesus), timed for Lent, 2014.

Eight days prior to Good Friday 2014, Laurie Goldstein pimped a hoax about a papyrus “proving” that Jesus had a wife (cf. NY Times, April 10). After the damage was done, the tale was shown to be a fake.

We have witnessed this hateful phenomenon occur in the corporate American media like clockwork year after year.

The latest such attack on Jesus and Mary is timed to coincide with Christmas 2014. It was launched by Valerie Tarico and it is being massively publicized online by websites like Salon.

Tarico is supposed to be a liberal “atheist,” but as my colleague Maurice Pinay points out, she exempts Judaism from the focus of her contempt.

How many of us will militantly protest this outrage and expose it, by demonstrating its roots in rabbinic hatred for Jesus and Mary, as easily documented in the Babylonian Talmud,MishnehTorah, Toledoth Yeshu and numerous other authoritative texts of the rabbis?

Failure to do so ensures the continuation of the Talmudic defamation of Christ and Mary every Good Friday and Christmas season henceforth.

I realize that on Christmas Eve we are supposed to be engulfed in nothing but warm fuzzy feelings of “good cheer,” but with modern Herods still very much afoot and spreading their errors, there never is a time not to defend Christ and His Mother, and I make no apologizes for doing so on Christmas Eve.

I don’t know about you, but I find I can only attain a state of peace and serenity after I have assured myself that I have done my duty by working at the jobs that I know need to be done before I can relax. I find myself at that juncture on this holy eve.

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