Jewish Feminism has Made It Dangerous for Men to be Alone with Womyn

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

Men need to be extra cautious in their dealings with females in today’s societal environment. One unhappy skank can potentially destroy your life over false accusations.

It is a well documented fact that most of the cultural and societal problems we face today have been a direct result of Jewish feminism. This deranged ideology has wrongly given womyn autonomy. Jews did this to create disorder and chaos within our nations. They knew full well that no matter how many concessions are made to females, they’ll always demand more until they are forcefully put in their place.

Feminism has gotten so out of control that it is now legitimately dangerous for men to be alone with any womyn. A consensual sexual encounter with a girl you met at a bar can easily lead to future rape accusations. This recent story about a drunken #MeToo protester accusing a man of rape comes to mind. And that’s just one of an endless number of stories we have seen throughout the years.

Even a non-sexual encounter can result in accusations of wrongdoing. Case in point, all this nonsense about workplace sexual harassment that has been going on for decades.

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing showed that a significant percentage of the population believes that any accusation made by a female against a man must be believed regardless of evidence. It should be a scary thing for all men to know that society has given these deranged skanks the power to destroy your life.

If you think you are exempt from this phenomenon because you have a live-in girlfriend or a wife, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, one could argue that you are in greater danger of having your life destroyed. She has the power to have you arrested on domestic violence charges simply by alleging that you abused her in some fashion. And if you are married, this means she can potentially take half of your shit through no-fault divorce. Evidence is inconsequential, because she is a womyn and a womyn must be believed.

Ironically, the Jewish media previously mocked Vice President Mike Pence over his personal policy to not be alone with other womyn besides his own wife. They claimed that this was weird even though it is a common sense thing to do in today’s environment. This policy greatly lessens the chance that a crazy whore will be able to make up a false accusation against him. Comically, they went so far as to say that his policy hurt womyn.

We are now at a point where the safest place for a man to be alone with a womyn is literally inside of a brothel house. At least inside of a whore house, you can enjoy the company of a female while remaining anonymous. And let’s face it, it will be a bit difficult for one of the working girls to accuse you of rape when these are places where girls are paid to provide sex. So long as you don’t get physically violent with the girls, you can have a good time and not worry about facing years in jail over false rape charges.

This sick societal situation we have is intolerable, but it is the unfortunate reality of things. Being alone with any womyn has become a very dangerous thing for men. Until this Jewish virus known as feminism is mercilessly crushed, men have no choice but to be extremely careful when dealing with females.