Jewish Defense Minister Denounces Turkey for Starting This War Against Armenia

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The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is like a secret war, because the media in the West is refusing to acknowledge that it is happening.

The thought is that they are not acknowledging it because they want it to get worse, at which point they will declare that it is necessary for the “international community” to turn it into an absolute disaster, which will then spin out of control and create World War III.

The one media outlet that has been covering it in English is the Russian state-funded outlet RT.

They’ve got some interesting news out of Israel.


Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz has said Turkey’s actions “pushes away from stability” in the region and argued “international pressure” must be used to “make sure they are pulling their hands from direct terrorism.”

Speaking on a conference call put together by The Arab Council for Regional Integration, Gantz accused Turkey, a country Israel has a trade relationship with, of helping to destabilize the region and working against peace efforts, including Tel-Aviv’s September deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which was brokered by the US.

Countries like Iran, Turkey, and Palestine have opposed the agreement. Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has even accused Israel of working with “its collaborators” to “occupy” Palestine and push “policies of oppression, violence and intimidation.” He believes borders should be drawn up for a “sovereign” Palestine that gives them far more territory than they are afforded now.

“Definitely the question of Turkey is a very complicated one, because Turkey is part of NATO,” Gantz said on Sunday, noting the country’s relationship with militants in Palestine.

“So we must take all the options that we have in our hands and try to influence it through international pressure to make sure that they are pulling their hands from direct terrorism.”

Gantz reiterated that though Palestine opposes the Israel-UAE deal, it could potentially get its own agreement. However, the defense minister warned the state must “find the right balance between maintaining our security and enabling Palestinian sovereignty.”

Gantz isn’t just a random bureaucrat – he is next in line to replace Bibi Netanyahu, and recently almost did replace him.

It’s confusing to try to understand where the “international community” (read: globalists) stand on the issue of Turk power and Turk dominance. Turkey has been friends and enemies at various times with every power on earth.

America, Europe, Israel, Russia, the Gulf states, Iran – they’ve gone so back and forth as friend and enemy to these powers that it is difficult to know who their friends and enemies are at any time.

What is clear is that they are attempting to reestablish the Turkish Empire, and they are willing to use any means necessary to accomplish that goal. (I think people maybe forget that before Recep Erdogan went mainstream, he was a member of a fringe “far-right” party that was “neo-Ottoman” and had the stated goal of reclaiming all of the territory of the Ottoman Empire, which includes most of Eastern Europe.)

This war on Armenia is a part of that agenda.

Armenia sits in-between Turkey and the Turk satellite state of Azerbaijan.

It is a very logical thing to grab, strategically.

They of course won’t grab the whole state right now, but they will grab parts of it and weaken the morale and military capacity of the state.

Armenia is in a weird place, still having good relations with Russia technically, but also being largely despised by Russians generally, to the point where Russia would have a hard time arguing for intervention to help them on a large scale.

It’s all a confusing mess, but I will say that it must mean something that Israel is now apparently coming out strongly against Turkey. As the reader is aware, Israel more or less completely dominates American foreign policy (though that role has been somewhat curtailed by Donald Trump, who has pushed back against their attempts to use the US military in their endless wars, while still keeping close ties with the criminal Jewish state).

I will just tell you this: the Armenia-Azerbaijan-Turkey-Syria conflict is one you should keep a serious eye on.

I think it is probably obviously true that Sultan Erdogan is shipping in ISIS fighters to terrorize Armenia, and as we know, these people have a tendency to cause things to spin out of control very quickly.

Azerbaijan says they’re not using ISIS.


Reports of Azerbaijan getting military help from Turkey and using militants from Syria in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh is “Armenian propaganda” and “fake news,” Hikmet Hajiyev, a senior adviser to the president, has told RT.

“There are ties of strategic partnership… and there are also brotherly relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan – but in this conflict Turkey isn’t involved as a third party,” Hajiyev insisted. The participation of Ankara in Baku’s dispute with Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh – a mainly Armenian-populated region regarded as part of Azerbaijan under international law which declared independence and remains under Yerevan’s control since a 1994 ceasefire – is only of a “political, geopolitical and moral” nature, he added.

“Azerbaijan doesn’t need any third party participation. We have strong armed forces. We have enough of our own resources. Azerbaijan has a 10-million population and we also have enough reserve potential.”

Claims of Turkey supporting Azerbaijan during a week of intense fighting on the contact line in Nagorno-Karabakh are nothing, but “cheap political propaganda by the Armenian side,” the senior adviser to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

But I don’t think if they were using ISIS, they would be like “oh yes, we’ve got tons of ISIS coming in here to help us murder our ancient racial enemies in the most horrific ways.”

I would note that Jews are known for a lot of things, and one of those thing is not honesty. So, this statement against Turkey could well be a bluff. Who actually even knows?

It’s a situation where we just have to wait and watch. But the main thing here is that the media is refusing to cover this major hot war. That is weird and it is suspicious as all heck, and it necessarily means that this is part of something bigger. If it was just a random war, they would casually cover it. A blackout on it means that it means something.