“Jewish Conservative” Max Boot Writes Op-Ed Defending North Carolina Terror Bombing

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2016

Blood thirsty Jewish Neo-Con (redundant) and (((Never Trump))) activist Max Boot has written yet another article comparing Donald Trump to Hitler.  This time, he is bouncing the Hitler analogy off the recent Democratic party paramilitary bombing of an Orange County, North Carolina Trump campaign office, where instead of condemning the terrorist attack, he chides Donald Trump for condemning it.

The op-ed  is a glimpse into the demented mind of a Jew, and why no conservative will ever be able to keep up with these genetic bandits (Trump is not a conservative in the American cuckold sense). The first lesson to take from Boot is that Jews only respect the rule of law and democracy when they have a total grasp on it, once this begins to slip towards a more even share of power where the best ideas win, Jews will use their official positions and clout to support illegal activities that further their goals.

The second lesson is that Jews have no moral scruples about lying, killing or terrorizing political opposition if they see it fit – Jews are secretly cheering for the people who bombed the office, even if they have to say it in between the lines when they write for the general public.

The third lesson is that they are always on the attack, to the point that even when the Republican party of Trump is being subjected to political violence that has he will still blame people he perceives as having no right to a different opinion for it.

In the Los Angeles Times, he wrote “The Nazi Echoes In Trump’s Tweets”:

It goes without saying that Donald Trump is no Hitler — there is only one Hitler — and the firebombing of a Trump campaign office in Orange County, N.C., Saturday night was no Reichstag fire. But nevertheless there were some disturbing echoes of 1933 in Trump’s immediate response. He tweeted: “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning.”

There is so much wrong with that sentence it’s hard to know where to begin. In the first place Trump is not winning North Carolina — the Realclearpolitics average of polls has him down by 2.9 points. Second, you don’t refer to anyone — even arsonists — as “animals”; however deeply flawed, even criminal, they remain human beings. Third, and most importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that the arsonists were “representing” Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

Even if the attack was the work of local Democrats, it’s impossible to imagine that Clinton or the Democratic Party had anything to do with it. It’s just as likely to be a false-flag operation carried out by Trump’s alt-right supporters to implicate the Democrats. But Clinton rightly did not make any such allegation. All her Twitter feed said was: “The attack on the Orange County HQ ‪@NCGOP office is horrific and unacceptable. Very grateful that everyone is safe.”

This is a textbook example of the two-tiered dichotomy of the “official” press. Donald Trump is Hitler because he called the terrorists “animals,” meanwhile those who use violence to stifle an opinion they don’t like are the real mensches. While being indirect, Boot is also throwing out there that the bombing was a false flag by the Alt-Right (!), a line you should expect to gain traction if Jews are able to focus group it with any success.

While we know Hitler was the good guy, many others are indoctrinated against him, and constantly posed with the pestering, perturbed Hebrew-to-goy infanticide hypothesis: “Would you kill baby Hitler?”

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The comparison of Trump to Hitler – and it’s no coincidence that it has been recklessly trotted out against other men Jews have ordered hits on (Saddam, Milosevic, Qaddaffi) – is meant to be inflammatory, it’s a thinly veiled green light to readers to commit acts of violence, even murder.  In modern Judeo-Merica, you can dress up as Satan, Bin Laden or Ted Bundy, but you will often run into trouble if you dress up as Hitler for Halloween – Hitler is worse than evil, though even this is dissipating as the methods and institutions who suppress the politically incorrect begin to wither away brick by brick .


Yet still, reading through Boot’s entire article, you will find not one condemnation of the actual act of bombing an opposing political party’s office, not even as an obligatory preface. The problem, Goyim, is you complaining about it.

Yet, all they’re doing with the Hitler analogy is showing people why Hitler said and did what he had to do. For the first time, with Trump, they might not be wrong in comparing him to Hitler: the masses are realizing they both stood for what’s right, and this is an epiphany the Judeo-Globalists will not be able to throw money at or swat down this time.

The clock is ticking…


Editor’s Note: I’ll just leave this here.