Jewish College President Orders Fraternities to Have Both Men and Women

Daily Slave
September 25, 2014

Michael Roth – President of Wesleyan University and a smug looking Jew.

Michael Roth,a deranged Jew who managed to become the President of Wesleyan University in Connecticut, has ordered all fraternities with houses on campus to have both males and females.  It is claimed that this is about curbing bad behavior, but is also about gender equality.

Even though I don’t think much of these college fraternities, it seems as if there has been a continued invasion of historically male-dominated sections of societies.  When will enough be enough?  This is not about gender equality, it is about destroying the natural order of things.  Men should have places where they can socialize and talk about things with other men just like women should have places where they can talk about things with other women.  What is so sexist about that?

This subversive Jew Roth and his subordinates who supported this should be fired for trying to Jew the male students at Wesleyan.

If Roth feels so strongly about gender equality, then perhaps he should be preaching this message to the Synagogues and Orthodox Jews.  Don’t the Jews have separate religious ceremonies based on gender?  So why isn’t Roth outraged about that and demanding changes?  I’d like to see how this message would be received by his fellow Jews.

May this hypocritical deceiving Jew Roth burn in hell.


Wesleyan follows Trinity College in Hartford, which began the transition starting in 2012, citing problems with drinking and drug use in Greek organizations. It also comes less than a month after Wesleyan closed the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house after a woman attending a party there was seriously injured after falling from a third-floor window.

But school spokeswoman Kate Carlisle said the changes are not a response to any one incident.

“This has been the subject of ongoing concern and discussion among the people in the administration, the school community, the alumni community and so forth for a number of years,” she said.

The decision was announced in a letter to the university community from President Michael Roth and trustees Chairman Joshua Boger. It requires Greek organizations with houses on campus to have both male and female members and to have each gender “well represented” in their organizational leadership to qualify for housing on campus and the use of university spaces.

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