Jewish CNN Covers Groyper War: Brian Stelter Gives Ben Shapiro the Reach Around

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

CNN covered Groyper War on Monday.

The CNN host Brian Stelter – who claims to not be ethnically Jewish (even though he looks like a Der Sturmer caricature), but converted to Judaism when he married his Jew wife – copied the narrative that was put forward by the “right wing Jew” Ben Shapiro.

He said that the people chanting “America First” at the UCLA event that Donald Trump Jr. appeared at with Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA on Sunday were “far right Charlottesville anti-Semitic racists who don’t think that Donald Trump is racist enough” (I paraphrase, but that is more or less exactly what he said).

He was basically quoting from Ben Shapiro’s “Basket of Deplorables” Stanford speech. And remember – this comes after The Guardian laid the initial groundwork for the coverage of this event, and they said the protesters were:

a fringe group of America Firsters who believe the Trump administration has been taken captive by a cabal of internationalists, free-traders, and apologists for mass immigration

It is Ben Shapiro who labeled us “Alt-Right 2.0.”

Yesterday I mused about the narrative that the mainstream media would end up running with, and I noted that the New York Times had yet to release an article on it.

It is now clear that both “left” and “right” Jewish controlled media are going to zoom in on the Shapiro narrative.

This whole thing becomes a joke when you realize how little separation there is between the Jews over at CNN and the Jews that run the fake conservative movement.

Remember when the CNN Jew Jake Tapper mourned with Ben Shapiro over the fact that I made fun of him?

For us, these politics are existential, and we look at our enemies as hellbent on destroying us.

For Ben Shapiro, his political “enemy” Jake Tapper is a brother, who he would choose to defend over any single one of his own idiot goyim supporters.

Anyway, it REALLY simplifies things that both left and right are running with the same narrative.

I will admit that I was a little bit afraid that CNN and the leftist Jews were going to say “Donald Trump promised these people he would build a wall and restrict immigration, and he didn’t deliver, so they’re angry.”

If they had run with that narrative – that is, if they would have expressed something that sounds like sympathy for us – that would have given credibility to the fake conservatives claiming that we are helping the left by attacking Charlie Kirk.

The lying Jewish “right wing” media machine was trying to claim that the left media supported us.

When the left and right fake media are saying the same exact thing, we can say to these people “you’re saying the exact same thing as CNN and trying to shut us down with your buzzword ‘racist anti-Semite’ attacks!”