Jewish Chutzpah in Australia

Brett Light
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2013

‘Chutzpah’ is Jew-speak for extreme audacity. Jews are very audacious when whining amongst themselves. I’d even go so far as to say that ‘news’ translates directly into ‘chutzpah’, when talking about Jews.

A trio of sickening stories from the Australian Jewish News will demonstrate this.

Jerusalem Prize winner and former Australian P.M. Julia Gillard.

First up, we have an absolute gem of a story illustrating just how completely Kosher former Australian PM Julia Gillard was. To win the Jerusalem Prize, essentially for service to Jewry, is quite an achievement apparently. This article says it all:

As a member of the Australian Parliament and Australia’s first female prime minister, the ZCV says it feels that Gillard demonstrated unwavering commitment to democratic values, as well as ongoing support of the aspirations of Israel’s people for peace and security.

According to ZCV president Sam Tatarka, Gillard “has demonstrated over her entire political career that she identifies and empathises with the Jewish people and our connection with the land of Israel”.

“The Zionist Council of Victoria and the Zionist movement of Australia are honoured to be able to demonstrate our gratitude and respect for Ms Gillard’s many years as an unstinting supporter of the Jewish and Zionist cause,” he said.

Gillard will be presented with the award at the ZCV’s 75th annual assembly on Tuesday, November 26, where she will also deliver the keynote address. The community is invited to attend.

“It is a most special honour to receive the Jerusalem Prize, which I am pleased to accept in tribute to the unshakable commitment of Australia to Israel, the enduring friendship between our two countries, and in furtherance of the democratic values we share,” Gillard said.

In December 2011, Gillard emphasised Israel’s independence and sovereignty as being of central importance to Jewish people ­worldwide.

I wonder why Israel’s independence and sovereignty would be of central importance to Jewish people worldwide? I thought Jews living in Australia only had loyalty to Australia? Yeah right! Israel is the global headquarters for international Jewish gangsterism.  Israeli ‘independence and sovereignty’ here translates to racial exclusivity, part of a ‘special arrangement’ the Jews alone have been able to achieve – you know, with that Holocaust thing and all the persecution.

Past recipients of the Jerusalem Prize have included former prime ministers Bob Hawke and John Howard, former foreign minister Alexander Downer and The Australian newspaper’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan.

Good to see Julia isn’t the only Australian winner of this prestigious prize. Truly sickening stuff!

Next up, the ABC is apologising to Jewry for allowing ‘free expression’ on one of the networks’ Facebook pages.

Whenever someone utters even the slightest criticism of Israel or Jews, why not use the standard accusation of ‘anti-semitism’? It never fails:

Ugly Jew and ECAJ executive director Perter Wertheim

The ABC has apologised for allowing anti-Semitic comments to remain on the Facebook page of one of its TV channels after the broadcast of a documentary about life in the West Bank.

The mea culpa came after the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) complained about the posts on the ABC2 page, which included a comparison of Israel with Nazis.

Slurs such as “the violence of the Israeli state”, the “facist [sic] Israeli government and their nazi-ish army” and “ethnic cleansing of Palestine” were posted after the documentary Five Broken Cameras was broadcast by ABC2 in August, and viewers were encouraged to air their opinions online.

One post exclaimed: “I was once puzzled as to why the Jews were disliked so much, but am now beginning to understand. They’re behaving like the Gestapo.”

Introducing the documentary, host Kristy Best openly admitted “it doesn’t attempt to tell both sides of the story”.

In a letter to ABC managing director Mark Scott, the ECAJ emphasised its complaint was not about the showing of Five Broken Cameras, “even though we strongly disagree with the bias, lack of context and balance in the documentary”.

I don’t like the Israel-Nazi comparison either. The ‘Nazis’ were good guys. A more apt comparison would be between Israel and the Soviet Union.

Finally, an older article showing what a despicable creature new Australian P.M. Tony Abbott is:

Current P.M. Tony Abbott chatting with ‘friends’

Abbott: We are all Israeli (March 16, 2012.)

FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott gave a strong endorsement of Israel’s right to defend itself during a speech at the Central Synagogue last Friday night.

Appearing as a special guest as part of Central’s ongoing “Studio Central” youth program, Abbott spoke about the contribution Jewish Australians have made to our nation, before noting the similarities between Australia and Israel.

“In so many ways, [Israel is] a country so much like Australia, a liberal, pluralist democracy,” he said, “A beacon of freedom and hope in a part of the world which has so little freedom and hope.”

He added that Australians “can hardly begin to comprehend” the existential threat Israelis live under. “It is so easy for us in Australia to get moral qualms, if you like, when we read about Israeli actions in – on the West Bank for instance – or Israeli involvement in Lebanon.”

“And yet, we are not threatened in the way Israel was and is, and if we were threatened in the way Israel was and is, I am sure that we would take actions just as strong in our own defence.

“When Israel is fighting for its very life, well, as far as I’m concerned, Australians are Israelis. We are all Israelis in those circumstances.”

On a more local front, Abbott noted that Australia was the only the country in the world after Israel to have had a Jewish head of state, a Jewish Chief Justice and a Jewish Commander of the Armed Forces.

I don’t know if our political leaders could be anymore sickeningly pro-Jewish if they tried! At least Kevin Rudd was real opposition for Abbott at the recent election.

Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, left, dean and spiritual leader of Sydney’s Yeshiva Centre, presents a silver menorah to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

If you’re an Australian and you’ve read through all this without feeling sick, you must be a Jew!