Jewish Centers Receive Dozens of New Bomb Threats – Who Could Be Responsible???

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2017

Last month, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency released a recording of the individual behind the rash of bomb threats to Jewish centers across the country.

Although the voice is disguised with a .99 cent Android chipmunk app, the perpetrator’s accent can be clearly profiled by anyone with an elementary grasp of linguistics, not to mention the well-resourced FBI gumshoes that have been put on this national “terror wave.” The “experts” in the JTA article are claiming this is a highly sophisticated operation – laughable.

There is even a claim that the FBI is dumb-founded, because the call in question “was made to look” like it came from inside the Jewish center itself. Well, did it ever dawn on them that it may have just come from inside the institution? Did they bother to at least investigate this thread, or are they afraid of being called politically incorrect?

But listen closely to the crank caller, and you can hear an inability to pronounce the American English ‘R’ typical of Hebrew speakers, along with an unmistakable tinge of Brooklyn (‘Bay-yag’ instead of ‘Bag’).

Who would do such a thing? Who? (((WHO?)))

Yet the FBI has refused to release a profile of this individual who supposedly has world Jewry on edge. Seeing as this has become a major political controversy that is being used to attack the President, the Feds could tell the many Jewish centers across the nation to set up call-traps that will pinpoint where the calls are coming from and from who.

But it’s not happening. Cui bono? No bono for the alleged “Neo-Nazis” the ADL is trying to pin this on. Definitely no dice from any Trump supporters, who know this only empowers his enemies.

The political hay pan-Jewry is making out of this boggles the mind, with every single media platform on earth (not an exaggeration) obsessively covering this as the crime of the century.

Al Jazeera:

Jewish community centres and schools in a dozen US states have reported bomb threats, days after hundreds of headstones were knocked over at a Jewish cemetery.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish NGO, said there were at least 20 bomb threats against Jewish community centres and schools on Monday in 12 states across the eastern half of the country.

The group described the latest threats as the “fifth wave” observed in 2017. For the year, about 90 such threats have been received, including one against the ADL’s New York headquarters.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that President Donald Trump was “deeply disappointed and concerned” by the reported “cowardly destruction” in Philadelphia.

“The president continues to condemn these and any other form of anti-Semitic and hateful acts in the strongest terms,” Spicer said.

One theory which could explain this “mystery”: this is bait and they’re looking for copycats.

The phenomenon of “copycat crimes” is a real one. In a nation of hundreds of millions like the United States, the Jewish individual or group that is behind these bomb threats is banking on baiting some mentally ill or impressionable kid who sees the immense coverage this is getting and wants some of the publicity.

The problem is it only takes one legitimate prank call to get this entire charade pinned on them.

As with the cemetery vandalism, the Jewish community refuses to answer why, for example, the St Louis Jews (site of the first cemetery “attack”) who received $370,000 dollars in Homeland Security grants last summer haven’t bothered to put a camera up at their cemetery.

With the tens of millions of dollars in tax-payer money (a true scandal) Jews receive nationwide specifically for security, why aren’t they putting up cameras everywhere Jews are buried to catch the time-traveling 1930s Romanians they claim are vandalizing their graves (as Anglin has stated before, there is no real precedent for these types of attacks in the United States)?

But Jews don’t want to catch the culprit, and there’s even a possibility (although there’s no way to know for sure) that the federal authorities investigating these crimes don’t want to either. Either because Jews themselves know it’s a Jew behind it, or because of the immense political capital this is giving them against Donald Trump and the rise of genuine nationalism over their globalism.

Cui bono?