Jewish CDC Director Pushes “Lab Virus” Anti-China Atrocity Hoax

The CDC director herself, a sexy Jew woman called Rrrrrrochelle Walensky, has started pushing the debunked atrocity hoax that the alleged coronavirus came from a lab in China.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky suggested that Covid-19 may have originated in a laboratory, acknowledging a lab leak as one among several possibilities during testimony to lawmakers.

Asked about how the Covid-19 pandemic began at a Wednesday hearing, Walensky initially said that while she lacks the data to comment, most known coronaviruses have an “animal origin.” But pressed by Senator John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) on “other possibilities,” the agency head accepted that the virus may have escaped from a laboratory.

“Certainly a lab-based origin is one possibility.”

Republicans have taken particular interest in the lab-leak hypothesis, with party members on the House Intelligence Committee releasing a report on Wednesday claiming the theory is supported by “significant circumstantial evidence.” The report also argues that experts “have failed to identify the original species that allegedly spread the virus to humans, which is critical to their zoonotic transfer theory.”

Republicans have “taken interest” in this because they are shills for war with the Chinese.

The Biden Government is also pushing for a war with the Chinese, which has left pro-war Republicans confused and delighted.

Republicans spent the entire election cycle pushing “Beijing Joe” memes, but since Biden has taken office, he’s gotten at least 1000 times more aggressive with China than Donald Trump ever was. He is constantly sending ships in to menace the unsuspecting Chinese and issuing intensive threats.

Biden’s government – the Jew Antony Blinken – attacked the WHO a few weeks ago when they released a report on the origins of the virus, saying that they are Chinese shills covering up the fact that the virus came from a Chinese lab.

At the time, I made this epic meme which created max lulz:

So it isn’t really a surprise that Walensky is now on board with the Big Lie.

This is actually the biggest lie of all time, because we still have no evidence that any new virus exists. All of the symptoms of the virus are the same as any other coronavirus.

This is from the CDC website:

They claim that the “new” coronavirus is somehow different than this, but they’ve not explained how it is different.

During the peak of the virus last spring, there were no new deaths in America, according to a publication from Johns Hopkins, the nation’s leading medical authority.

Everything about the virus indicates that this supposedly new virus is the same as these other viruses. What the governments and Bill Gates appear to have done is identify a specific strain of the coronavirus, and claim it is a totally new virus, then use tricks to say everyone has it (PCR test) and fudge numbers to claim it is responsible for deaths from a bunch of different things, including the flu, heart attacks, cancer and car crashes.

Meanwhile, according to these people, the “novel coronavirus” was in Italy before it was ever in China. The only reason they ever said it was from China was that the first supposed cases were there.

All of this is a gigantic hoax. There never was a pandemic. There is no secret new virus. Nothing has changed from 2019, other than that the government has gone nuts.

In 2018, 80,000 people died of the flu, according to the CDC.

All of these deaths are now being attributed to the coronavirus – and a lot more.

We’ve of course been going over these same talking points on this website for over a year now. So the reader gets it.

But now they are attempting to link it to China, as a kind of blood libel, where they can blame all of the world’s problems on these small-eyed merchant folk, who are not particularly known for causing problems internationally.

The Biden government wants a war with China, they want a war with Russia, and they are going to lie about everything to get that war.

Obviously, it is notable that the Biden government is now taking on talking points that the Trump Administration was attacked for. But I predicted this, because I understood the agenda. I told you: there is zero chance that Joe Biden is going to change course on China, and he will intensify it.

They’re having a hard time getting people to care about defending anal and double-anal in Taiwan. Most Americans don’t support Antifa riots in Hong Kong either, or just don’t care. Paul Joseph Watson is big on Chinese Antifa. Or I should say he was. He does seem to be getting better.

He’s not shilling Israel.

After my big Alien Agenda article, he also endorsed fake aliens.

(He always copies my materials, which I typically encourage people to do. But he has historically removed Jews and added his neocon agenda. I don’t expect him to go full GTKRWN, but he is slowly removing the neocon stuff from what I’ve seen.)

But he’s also out there with this gobbledygook.

Along with Watson and a few other weirdos, CNN and the MSM try to shill “Hong Kong Antifa for freedom,” but most people seem to think: “that’s not my problem.” Certainly, most people do not want all of the Chinese “refugees” that this agenda implies.

It’s the same with whining about Chinese treatment of Moslems as we offer unwavering support for Israel to commit a slaughter in Palestine. People don’t really care.

But if the government and media can manage to blame all of their own actions taken as a result of the alleged threat of the coronavirus on China – the lockdowns, the masks, all of it – then they will be able to get people really mad. That is clearly the current course of action. No one can deny that. Walensky could just as easily have said it couldn’t have come from a lab.

Apparently, there is nothing I can do to get people to wake up and realize this. Even people who are aware that this coronavirus is a gigantic hoax will go out there and say “yeah but China did the coronavirus!”

It’s tiresome and I’m tired.

All of the anti-China shills need to explain how exactly we would benefit from a war with the Chinese. They are so enthusiastic about it, they must have some explanation.

Oh, but I know the explanation – “I don’t support a war with them! I just agree with the Jews about all of these fake atrocities!”

Here’s the thing: if you are shilling atrocity war propaganda, then you are a Jewish war shill. It doesn’t matter if you’re too stupid to realize that the government is releasing all of this anti-China propaganda because they want a war, or at least some kind of extreme conflict. If you can’t figure that out, you are a useful idiot.

I told you from the beginning that the “lab theory” was going to be big news back when they decided to ramp up a war with China.

I wrote on April 17, 2020 – 13 months ago:

I said months ago that this claim from Tom Cotton that the virus is a biological weapon from a lab in Wuhan was set up to go mainstream if the US decided to push for a war against China.

I actually can’t find the time I said it months before, but I was talking about it a lot when Cotton was saying it – I said, this is going to come back around.

Well, here we are: back around.

What do people think about the way I am able to predict these things? Do they think I’m a prophet? Do they think I just have a really intuitive grasp of government hoaxes?

Or do they think this is all some kind of coincidence?

I will tell you straight: I’m not a prophet. I’m just paying attention.

How could I have predicted that like that if this wasn’t the plan?

Guys: think!

We do not need a war with China!

Conservative people say “oh well, I’ll side with the Jews because I hate Chinese people” – well, if you hate Chinese people, then why do you want millions or tens of millions of Chinese refugees flooding the country during a war?

How stupid are conservatives? 

This is blood libel designed to get people revved up for a stupid, pointless war with the Chinese that only benefits the Jewish overlords who are trying to create a single world government.

You’re going to hear more of it.

Tucker Carlson will say it. Not as much as he was, but he will say it.

God bless him, he is just really slow on the uptake.