Jewish Brexit Book Author Says Old White People are “Immigrants From the Past”

Diversity Macht Frei
March 12, 2019

James Meek, author of the book “Dreams of Leaving and Remaining”, declares that the old white people who voted for Brexit are “immigrants from the past”.

“When we talk about the natives versus immigrants, that’s absolutely a part of the Brexit story; but I think there’s another tension there between the elderly and the young. And, in a sense, if you were born in the 30s, if you were born in the 40s, if you were born in the 50s, as many voters are, many people who voted for Brexit, you basically come from another country. You come from the British empire. And, in a sense, you are an immigrant from the past. 

And I think one of the underlying, often unspoken, tensions that’s driving Brexit is this tension between immigrants from the past, immigrants from the future and immigrants from abroad.”

An article about Meek appeared a few years ago in The Scotsman. It revealed “his mother was the daughter of a Hungarian Jewish immigrant”.

It has often been alleged against Jews that, as eternal sojourners, they struggle to connect empathically with the peoples they live among. Perhaps Meek, like so many of his kind, suffers from this empathy deficiency.

Meanwhile, another Jewish author, Will Self, has declared that every racist and antisemite in the country probably voted for Brexit. Likely not true, otherwise the Brexit cause would have won by a bigger margin.