Jewish Borat Publishes Allegedly Embarrassing Photo of Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is out there killing it, blasting Joe Biden and his criminal crackhead son.

Then, at that time, Sacha Baron Cohen, a Jew, decides to publish a photograph of Giuliani grabbing his dick on a bed in a hotel room.

This is right now at the top of the Drudge Report.

Matt Drudge, who is also Jewish (by pure coincidence), links to an article from Roger Friedman’s “Showbiz 411” blog. The clip hasn’t been released, but Friedman has apparently seen it. Friedman, coincidentally, is Jewish.

Friedman writes:

Sacha Baron Cohen has done something to Rudy Giuliani we could only dream of: he’s captured him on film as a dirty old man on the make. In the sequel to Cohen’s 2006 hit comedy, “Borat,” headed to Amazon Prime on Friday, thrice-married and divorced Rudy is filmed attempting to seduce a beautiful young “Russian reporter” in a hotel bedroom. This is real, not a joke. He thinks he’s being filmed for a real interview. Alone with her in the hotel room, he accepts the “reporter”‘s invite into the bedroom for a drink, lies down on the bed, and is clearly headed for what he thinks is a happy ending.

This is real, I must impress upon you. When you’re watching Giuliani in “Borat 2” you’re thinking this is acting isn’t it? But it is not. Giuliani has been totally duped by this pretty young woman who is an actress playing — to the movie audience– Borat’s daughter, Tutar. The point is to reveal the former mayor of New York, President Trump’s personal lawyer, for the lowlife who he is, and it works. Rudy is not in on the joke. He is the joke.

Rudy is lured to a New York hotel (looks like one in Battery Park City maybe) for this interview and Tutar, played by Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, gushes over him. At one point Cohen comes into the room posing as a sound man. When he sees Giuliani is infatuated with Tutar, he says, just loud enough to hear, “You should stick to marrying your cousin.” (Giuliani’s first wife was his cousin.) The former mayor shoots him a look but things are moving fast. Plus, it looks like Rudy is drinking a neat Scotch.

Tutar flirts shamelessly and he flirts back. When she says she’s nervous, he says, grinning, “Ill relax you.” As Giuliani coughs– coughs!— he tells her Trump saved at least a million lives from the virus. They discuss where the virus started. “Not with a bat,” he says. “Have you ever eaten a bat?” he asks the reporter. She bats her eyelashes and says she will only do it with him. It’s agreed. She invites Rudy into the bedroom “for a drink.”

Roger Friedman is a really horrible writer. Jeez.

I’m sure he’s a highly moral person though, who is totally in a position to talk against “dirty old men” engaging in normal sexual behavior.

He’s got a very moral and honest face.

A similarly honest face to Sacha Baron Cohen himself, for sure.

Again, the clip of Giuliani in the hotel room with the actress hasn’t been released. But apparently, what they are saying is just that he’s a “dirty old man” just for responding to a young bitch who is getting all up on him.

I’m confused as to what the implication actually is here? Giuliani was not married when this happened. In fact, he was freshly divorced. This young and presumably attractive girl (you can’t see her face in the stills that have been released) is flirting with him, and he responds to her.

She invited him to a hotel room and started touching him.

Why is this embarrassing?

People have sexuality. It is part of the nature of living things, except for plants and amoebas. It’s a part of your life that is supposed to be private, and making it public – such as through secret recordings – is against nature. The people who should be embarrassed are the weird Jews who try to trick people into weird situations. However, Jews will never be embarrassed of anything.

This is just obviously crap that is released to distract from all the stuff going on right now with Hunter Biden. Giuliani is at the front of that, being the guy who released the Hunter Biden hard drive to the New York Post, and he’s doing interviews about it now, and while he’s doing that, he’s going to have this picture of him grabbing his dick on a bed hanging over him.

Meanwhile, Jews are actually serious perverts who do things like jack-off on Zoom streams and jack-off into pots and tell their employees to watch them jerk-off.

I’m a Christian and in a perfect world, of course people shouldn’t have premarital sex. But I mean, come on – what world do we live in? This shit where people support child trannies but they’re scandalized by normal heterosexuality is out of control. What is this selective puritanism? It is both dishonest and absurd.

Rudy should just go out there and say: “look, an attractive woman invited me to a room and started touching me. What would you have done?”

Can you even begin to grasp the fact that this Jew who has made an entire career out of going around and harassing people for personal gain also thinks that anyone who questions Jews or the media should be silenced? He gave a speech for the Anti-Defamation League saying that everyone who disagrees with Jews needs to be silenced.

Frankly, the Democrat October surprise is probably this Borat movie. I think they’re going to have a lot of stuff attacking Trump’s people in this Jewish film.