Jewish Billionaires Rescue Bob Menendez From Prison

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2017

Alt-light types have been complaining about the anemic MSM coverage of the Bob Menendez corruption trial. According to them, it’s because of “liberal bias.”

But they are liars.

The reason the media isn’t covering Menendez is because this bribery scandal is an inside look at how Jews control our elected officials.

Menendez was accused of accepting bribes from Salomon Melgen, a Jewish eye doctor in Florida currently on trial himself for scamming Medicare of over $100 million dollars!

Menendez did Melgen numerous favors from his Washington perch in exchange for “gifts” and political donations. Outside of being one of the Democratic parties biggest Israel hawks, Menendez is known to shill for every Jewish issue that gets introduced in the Senate (including the S.720 illegal anti-BDS bill).

This was dirty money the Jew Melgen swiped from our Medicare system!

The scandal goes deeper. Menendez’s recent mistrial was thanks to the work of his all-star team of lawyers, paid for by Jewish billionaires who bribe both Democrats and Republicans. 

The Menendez Legal Trust raised $4.5 million dollars for his defense, paid for by Jews Sheldon Adelson, Mort Zuckerman, Haim Saban, and Seth Klarman!

This is America: justice is for sale. The Menendez case was declared a mistrial due to jury deadlock.

NY Post:

‘Gifts to cultivate friendship are not bribes,” Abbe Lowell said in his closing in defense of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez — and enough jurors agreed to result in a hung jury and a mistrial.

The Biz Markie defense — he’s just a friend — worked. Lowell was worth every penny of the $4.5 million raised and spent by Menendez’s legal defense trust.

Menendez’s co-defendant Salomon Melgen left the courtroom and went back to jail, where he is awaiting sentencing on 67 counts of Medicare fraud.

Menendez enjoyed ready access to Melgen’s private jets and luxury resorts financed by that Medicare fraud — and the New Jersey senator went all the way up the chain to the secretary of Health and Human Services to keep the money flowing.

He got visas for Melgen’s supermodel girlfriends and he tried to steer a lucrative port-security contract to the eye doctor who had no security background. Customs and Border Protection official Stephanie Talton testified that she found it “odd” Menendez would “ask us to stop our law-enforcement mission.”

Lavish gifts are sometimes used to cultivate friendships with sitting senators, it turns out, and once that friendship is cultivated, the senator is apt to do such friendly things.

It would appear that, after the Supreme Court’s decision in the Bob McDonnell case, that fact pattern does not establish bribery or honest-services fraud; absent a smoking-gun document or audio recording memorializing a specific quid pro quo, it’s hard to imagine what would.

The liberal ethics group CREW — with which I rarely agree — put it well: “Unless corruption laws are strengthened to fill the significant holes that the Supreme Court has created, the days of seeing corrupt politicians behind bars may be past.”

The jury could not reach a unanimous verdict even on Count 18 — making false statements — even though Evelyn Arroyo, the juror dismissed on Friday, said in a Saturday interview that there was unanimous agreement Menendez was guilty on that count when the jury first voted. (She changed her mind the next day.) And even though the jury saw video of Menendez on CNN talking about his corrected disclosure documents and insisting he accepted only two flights — before a dozen more were discovered.

Maybe a new jury will see it differently if the Department of Justice retries the case next year.

Scratch 90% of Congress (both parties) and you will find that they’re all engaging in something similar. Paul Ryan isn’t a piece of shit because he read Ayn Rand in college, him and Mitch are avid (((Paul Singerists)))!

As for the juror who was dismissed, she said the decision to convict was unanimous. Suddenly they changed their minds last minute. Well, seeing the damning evidence that came out during the proceedings, who doesn’t think (((they))) bribed the jury too?

Jews steal from our elderly, then use the money to buy our politicians who steal even more (while also voting for amnesty and more money for Israel). Our political system won’t ever do anything we the people vote for because all of our politicians are bought!

Why do we tolerate this? A lot of people make fun of Germany and France for being cucks, but look at what an oppressive and broken Jewish banana republic our country is.

Menendez isn’t benefiting from a media blackout because he’s a democrat or has a Spanish last name. This is just another example of what happens when your means of communication are totally dominated by your eternal racial enemy.