Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury Admits He Doesn’t Really Even Believe God Exists

Daily Stormer
September 18, 2014

"Wut God lol I just came to dance and Jew you over."
“Wut God lol I just came to dance and Jew you over.”

In another frighteningly bizarre statement, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is half-Jewish, has said that a lot of the time he doesn’t really even believe that God exists.

This is the same “Christian Jew” who said he hoped the future King of England grows up and converts to Buddhism.

Daily Mail:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that he struggles with doubt about the existence of God.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby said he wrestles with disbelief – most recently when out on his morning jog.

He also acknowledged that Christians have trouble explaining why God allows suffering in the world.

The extraordinarily honest admission – during which the Archbishop said he was straying into territory where an Anglican leader should not go – came as he spoke during a visit to Bristol Cathedral earlier this week.

Asked if he ever struggled with doubt, the Archbishop said: ‘Yes I do. I mean there are moments where you think “Is there a God?”, “Where is God?”’

He added that there were moments when he was struck with doubt even while praying, including during his morning jogs near his official London residence Lambeth Palace.

‘I love the Psalms, if you look at Psalm 88, that’s full of doubt,’ he told the congregation. ‘I go, well I call it running, the dog calls it holding her back, in the morning.

‘The other day I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God “Look this is all very well but isn’t it about time you did something, if you’re there” – which is probably not what the Archbishop of Canterbury should say.’

Clearly, this Jew is organizing a comprehensive destruction of the Christian faith in Britain, so as the British people have nothing at all to fall back on.