Jewish Anti-Fascists Caught on Video Plotting Terrorist Acts During Trump’s Inauguration

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2016

Under cover assets with Project Veritas have caught Jewish anti-fascists on video plotting terrorist acts during Donald Trump’s inauguration. The video features a couple of Jews named Scott Green and Luke Kuhn who are affiliated with Washington DC area anti-fascist organizations.

At one point, Kuhn specifically talks about burning down homes and attacking police officers.

They also discuss disrupting the Alt-Lite Deploraball event slated to be held at the National Press Club later this week. Their plan was to use butyric acid to stink up the building. If that failed, they planned to trigger the building’s fire suppression system. The idea was to force all of the Deploraball attendees out into the cold during the middle of the event.

If all that wasn’t crazy enough, one of their meetings was held at Comet Ping Pong the pizza joint linked to the #pizzagate child sex ring scandal.

The two major groups involved with this are Disruptj20 and the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. Project Veritas has already provided their under cover footage to law enforcement who are now investigating these groups.

Based on the footage, it is fairly obvious that both of these groups are Jewish controlled terror operations. Both Scott Green and Luke Kuhn should be arrested and charged with numerous crimes.

The best part about this is that the footage has made these anti-fascists extremely paranoid about infiltration. Check out their Twitter feed for proof.


Hopefully we’ll see more people begin to infiltrate and expose these anti-fascist groups. Most are backed by Jews which means there is a good chance that they are already involved in plotting illegal activity. We can severely limit their effectiveness and ability to operate by doing this.