Jewish Actor Ron Perlman Teams-Up with Juked-Up Monkeys to Attack Trump’s Speech Patterns

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017

They introduce this Neanderthal-looking Jew Ron Perlman as an “award-winning actor” – what did he win an award for? Hellboy? That’s the only movie I even remember him from and actually the first one was pretty good, but I don’t think it won him an Oscar.

The only think this Jew actually does deserve an award for is doing the opening narrations for Fallout games. Because that shit is fantastic.

He needs to do one: “The Jew. The Jew never changes…”

Actually, given that Hellboy and Fallout are the only things I know this Jew for, plus the fact that he made this face when the Negress on this show was talking to him –

– he could in fact be my favorite Jew of all time.

Save Otto Weininger, whose conclusion that the Jews are a naturally feminine creature is some of the most important research of all.

Anyway, enough about what the hell I am rambling about right now – this show.

The Negroid guest on Negroid Joy Reid’s AM Joy is an affirmative action linguistics professor, John McWhorter. Or hey, who knows, maybe he’s one of the one in a trillion blacks who made it through college on merit. They pushed for this affirmative action, so now it is simply going to be assumed, forever, that any of them who have a college degree got it because universities are legally obliged to judge them by a different standard. At this point, it is effectively illegal to fail them.

Perlman does a funny comedy bit.

Then this primitive African starts talking about how Trump – a self-made billionaire who made his money by generating real value for society rather than speculating with manipulative instruments of paper – is as stupid as a neolithic villager.

The entire concept of the segment is that Trump should be using a teleprompter.

Then there are just attacks. Name calling.

It’s fake news.