Jewish ACLU Supports Forced Vaccination

The ACLU has come out in support of forced vaccination.

For those who may not recall, “ACLU” stands for “American Civil Liberties Union.”

In a New York Times op-ed, David Cole, the ACLU’s legal director, said that forcing people to take vaccines is a part of “civil liberties,” because if you don’t take the vaccine, you infect other people, and therefore deprive them of their civil liberties.

Vaccines are a justifiable intrusion on autonomy and bodily integrity. That may sound ominous, because we all have the fundamental right to bodily integrity and to make our own health care decisions. But these rights are not absolute. They do not include the right to inflict harm on others.

The ACLU’s main Twitter account then shilled this op-ed, announcing it as the organization’s official position.

The ACLU has previously claimed that abortion is a civil right, but “my body, my choice” does not extend to vaccines.

It’s confusing, of course, but it doesn’t really matter.

The ACLU is run by virulent Jewish extremists, whose only desire is to force white people to do things.