Jewish 60 Minutes Show Falsely Claims That Jewish YouTube is Committed to Free Speech

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

This horrible Jewish woman Susan Wojcicki thinks she is qualified to police the thoughts of people on the Internet. She reaffirmed this stance during an interview on the Jewish 60 Minutes show.

The Jewish 60 Minutes show, which airs on the subversive Jewish media network CBS, broadcast an interview with the Jewish CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki last night.

Just to give you an idea of how Jewish this whole thing was, Wojcicki was interviewed by the Jewish reporter Lesley Stahl. There was no attempt to even hide how Jewish this piece was. It was just Jews talking about how important it is to shut down free speech.

To promote their segment, 60 Minutes put out a ridiculous tweet falsely claiming that YouTube is an open platform committed to free speech. The accompanying clip contained some footage of Nick Fuentes and other people who the Jews consider to be hateful people. They also implied that YouTube should be banning more content.

At time of writing, the 60 Minutes tweet was getting ratioed quite severely.

Everyone knows that YouTube is not an open platform that is committed to free speech. To even claim this after everything we’ve seen from this diabolical Jewish website is the most insane thing imaginable. It is just an outright lie to say this.

YouTube has banned Alex Jones and countless other people for their political views. They have justified these bans by constantly redefining their terms of service while claiming political speech they dislike is “hate speech.”

TruNews, a Christian-based media operation, just had their YouTube channel banned a few days ago after the Jewish Anti-Defamation League put them on a list of channels that they wanted shut down.

There’s literally countless examples of YouTube censoring people for their political views while misconstruing their political views as “hate.”

60 Minutes also put out another stupid tweet showing a clip of Stahl and Wojcicki discussing how they determine what videos get banned. They comically talk about a World War II video showing Adolf Hitler. Wojcicki says that they banned the video because it was watermarked with the term “bloodtears1418.” Wojcicki goes on to talk about how 1418 is a number that White supremacists use, which Stahl confirms.

1418? Really?

Even the ADL doesn’t consider that a hateful number. They must be thinking of 1488.

But the fact that neither Wojcicki nor Stahl identified this mistake just undermines the premise that YouTube has any business in policing content.

On top of that, 60 Minutes posted an additional “overtime” segment on their YouTube channel implying that YouTube is allowed to censor certain types of speech while still maintaining their status as an open platform.

They obviously can’t maintain their status as a platform if they are selectively choosing what sort of lawful content is allowed or not allowed. That makes them a publisher and not a platform. But this was a piece put together by a bunch of Jews, so being truthful with their audience is hardly a priority.

The good news is that people aren’t being fooled by this Jewish 60 Minutes propaganda piece.

Even Dan Bongino, despite blaming the 60 Minutes piece on a liberal conspiracy, expressed extreme displeasure at what he saw.

And here’s some other solid commentary on the 60 Minutes piece.

This 60 Minutes piece on YouTube was just so unbelievably Jewish in nature. It was just a bunch of Jews getting together to lecture the goyim on why Jewish YouTube has the duty to censor free speech while simultaneously claiming that Jewish YouTube is a free speech site. It was 1984 doublethink on full display.

It is simply incomprehensible how people can’t see that Jews are at the center of this agenda to stifle free speech on the Internet. It’s right in your face with this 60 Minutes piece. You’d have to be blind not to see what’s going on.