Jewish 2K Head Claims He’s Charging an Extra $10 for Annual Sports Game Because of Replayability

OMG, racism much? They put a literal baboon in the background.

The reason this Jew is planning to price-hike you is not because his cousins over at the Federal Reserve Bank have caused continual inflation, following their lunatic Modern Monetary Theory. That would actually be a reason.

The reason he gives is that games are better now.

It’s hilarious that the coversation took place in the context of a basketball game. How the heck can NBA 2K21 be $10 better than NBA 2K20?

Euro Gamer:

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has revealed he thinks gamers are “ready” for $70/£65 video games.

Talking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference this week and transcribed by our friends at VGC, Zelnick was asked to expand on why the publisher had decided to add $10 to the price of NBA 2K21.

The first publisher to confirm a price hike for next-gen video games, Zelnick said the decision came because the game offered “an array of extraordinary experiences” and the last frontline price increase in the US was fifteen years ago.

We announced a $70 price point for NBA 2K21, our view was that we’re offering an array of extraordinary experiences, lots of replayability, and the last time there was a frontline price increase in the US was 2005, 2006, so we think consumers were ready for it,” Zelnick said.

Of course, there were considerably fewer microtransactions and DLC in mainstream games back then and interestingly, he could not be drawn on future pricing of other next-gen titles, saying the publisher made announcements about pricing “on a title-by-title basis”. He did, however, insist that the company was committed to “deliver[ing] more value than what we charge”.

“We haven’t said anything about pricing other titles so far, and we tend to make announcements on a title-by-title basis, but I think our view is [that we want to] always deliver more value than what we charge, make sure the consumer has the experience and[…] the experience of paying for it, both are positive experiences,” Zelnick added.

By their very nature, sports games have the lowest replay value of any game, given that players are generally expected to buy the new one every year.

They are also among the easiest to make, as they are generally going to be based on the previous game’s architecture. Even if they completely rebuild the engine, however, it’s still the same basic game, because they are literally following the rules of sports.

By the way – because some of you might not know – Take-Two is the parent company of Rockstar. Zelnick was part of a shady stockholder takeover of the company in 2006. You can read the sordid details of that affair right on Wikipedia. It was a nasty way to steal a company from unsuspecting goyim – and you’re witnessing the results, which are endless microtransactions.

I wrote extensively about the fact that Bethesda is also owned by Zenimax Media, a parent company run by the Jews, during the whole Fallout 76 debacle. Whatever you think of Bethesda game director Todd Howard, he’s generally cared about his games, and I asserted that Fallout 76 was almost certainly released before it was finished by directive of the Jew overlord.

Zenimax also owns id Software.

I could write a whole long essay about it, going through how all of the major game companies were either bought out or otherwise gobbled up by the Jews during the 2000s, which has in turn led to a staggering drop in the quality of games, which has happened – totally inexplicably – alongside major developments in gaming technology.

The only one that isn’t run by Jews (and isn’t Japanese) is CD Projekt Red, and apparently, the industry has caused them to behave like Jews, releasing that Cyberpunk 2077 mess.

Jews have caused gaming to do two things: force diversity and a social agenda, and move to money-grubbing microtransactions and other forms of ruthless cash-grabbing, instead of being what games are intended to be: art.

I bought Cyberpunk 2077 on preorder. After playing it for two hours, I swore that I would never again buy a AAA game, unless it was Japanese.

There are still tons of great games being made, guys. They’re just not made by the big studios. The one good thing that the technology advancement has done has allowed small studios to make games, where the graphics (at least the trinkets and bobbles) are maybe a decade or less behind, for a fraction of the cost.

Stop giving money to these Jew companies.

I have enough good games on Steam that I could play video games every waking hour for the rest of my life and not get bored.

I’ve been meaning to write about Phoenix Point. This game was made by British genius Julian Gollop, who made the first XCOM games in the 1990s before having his intellectual property stolen from him by these Jews. I did buy XCOM 2 – released by 2K – and as everyone knows, it was garbage. Phoenix Point is everything that XCOM 2 should have been (and a lot more).

Phoenix Point is the single best tactics game I’ve ever played. There are some problems with resource management, but that is only due to budget constraints (the company’s own resource management problems, heh). And of course you have the seemingly endless load screens, which are apparently just the reality of the Unity Engine for the time being. But any fault is made up by the simply fantastic mechanics of this game. The story is so much more engaging than XCOM, which has gotten stale and generic. The art and voice acting are both top notch.

(Note: Please ignore the fact that it has a white woman and a black man in some of the art for Phoenix Point – this is some decision by someone who said that they had to avoid being called racist. These are not in-game characters. You make all your own characters, and you can make them whatever race you please. However, in my game, I do have a genetically engineered negro version of Alex Jones who is known to his comrades as “Negro Alex Jones.”)

Gollop signed a 1 year exclusive deal with Epic, so I waited to buy the game until it went on Steam earlier this year, and they’ve continued to make improvements since I bought it a few months ago. He’s said he’s devoted to updating the game and fixing the issues.

I should also give a shoutout to my two favorite games of 2020: Wasteland 3 and Baldur’s Gate 3 (early access).

There are many, many, many good games.

Stop supporting these scumbag Jew scam artists and buy indie games.

Since M$ bought inXile, I’m not buying their games either. If Wasteland 4 ever comes out, it’s going to be ultra-anal.

This is the literal gamers rising up – stop supporting these Jew mega-companies and enjoy the games that are actually good.