“Jewface”: Militant Jew Villain Sarah Silverman Demands Only Jews Play Jew Roles in Hollywood

Sarah Silverman has always been more militant and more visibly filled with seething hatred for the “goyim” than other Hollywood Jews. She once did a standup production in which she bragged about killing Christ and said she would do it again.

Note that this would have been before a largely Christian, or at least ethnically Christian, audience. So it would be similar to me not only getting up on stage and bragging that I support the Holocaust and would do it again, but going to Israel to make that “joke” (it’s not actually a joke for Silverman, and it wouldn’t be for me either, in the theoretical).

So her latest anti-gentile statements are in no way surprising.

The Silverman Jew said that there are too many non-Jews playing Jewish roles in Hollywood films, and that this was “Jewface.” She said that the Jews need to care more about “representation.”

The caved-in head conservative take is “BUT SHE DID BLACKFACE!!!”

These people cannot be helped.

In fact, she has a good point about Jews being misrepresented in films. I’ve actually complained about this myself, albeit for slightly different reasons. Often, handsome European men play Jews who were disgusting looking in real life. I guess the most obvious example that comes to mind is Warren Beatty playing the Jew gangster Bugsy Siegel.

It’s absurd, visually.

Furthermore, beyond the physiognomy of their faces, Beatty did not even attempt to make himself uglier, whininess, more neurotic, or more feminine. Instead, he played the role as if he was playing a regular masculine white folk anti-hero, such as Billy the Kid, John Dillinger, or James Earl Ray.

People walked away from Bugsy thinking that the slimy Jew rat Siegel was a charismatic, handsome alpha male, and that “Jews must be okay.”

Although it didn’t reference a specific historical figure, one example that was personally very offensive to me, though I loved the show and character, was Tom Hardy playing a fictional orthodox Jew gangster in Peaky Blinders.

I guarantee you, there has never been an orthodox Jew who was as handsome or as alpha as Tom Hardy’s Jew in Peaky Blinders, and this feeds into the absurd myth that Jews are somehow masculine or respectable, rather than ugly, feminine, neurotic, evil monsters.

To Hardy’s credit, he does make the character kind of slimy, and to the writers’ credit, he is a criminal merchant, but Hardy is simply too handsome, physically fit, charismatic, and masculine to be playing a Jew (at least without making a point to act more Jewish).

So although I typically do not agree with whining Jews, and really just want them to shut up and leave my country, I am able to sympathize here with Silverman’s claim that gentile actors give a false impression of the Jews.

Of course, when we do get these rats out of our countries, I will understand that we will still want to tell the stories of them in our films. But in this case, if someone like Tom Hardy is going to play a Jew, he should have to wear prosthetics on his face to make him uglier, and his muscular body should be de-emphasized, either with a skinny, hunched over body double, or through CGI editing. Actors playing Jews should also try to reflect their feminine, neurotic, compulsive, annoying nature.

My question to Silverman is this: if she cares about the representation of Jews, then why did she have all of that plastic surgery to make her own body less representative of Jewishness? Why did she have her nose transformed to look like the nose of a Christian?

If she wants “representation” for Jews, then it goes to reason that she should be representing Jewishness.