Jewess Student at Stanford Cries “Anti-Semitism” After Being Asked About Her Strong Jewish Identity

Daily Slave
April 19, 2015

The deranged Jewess in question.

Once again here is another example illustrating the problems inherent in the Jewish mind.  A Jewess student at Stanford is crying that she was asked an “anti-Semitic” question during an interview with a student group whose endorsement she was seeking in her run for student senate.  During the interview they asked her about her strong Jewish identity.  They did this because her Jewish identity is something she brought up in the application she submitted to secure the interview.

So she brings up her Jewish identity in her application but then cries “anti-Semitism” when they ask her about it.  What a ridiculous Jewess bitch.  Does this not get any more hypocritical?  They use their Jewishness when it suits them but cry about it when other people ask them about it.  How can one not laugh at this.

Jewish Daily Forward:

A junior at Stanford University who is running for the student senate says she faced anti-Semitic questioning from a student group whose endorsement she was seeking.

During a March 13 interview in front of eight members of the university’s Students of Color Coalition, Molly Horwitz, 21, alleges that the lead interviewer asked, “Given your strong Jewish identity, how would you vote on divestment?”

“SOCC is a pretty major influential group on campus,” said Miriam Pollock, Horwitz’s friend and campaign manager. “Their endorsement is the most influential.”

To secure the interview, the Paraguay-born Horwitz had submitted a written application to the student group in which she discussed reconciling her identity as both a Latina and a Jew. As she later recounted to Stanford campus newspapers, the Anti-Defamation League and Stanford officials, she felt the question about her Jewish identity was over the line.

“It is not OK that they brought my Jewish identity into this and implied it might impact my decision-making ability,” Horwitz said in an email to the J. weekly. “I interpreted the question as anti-Semitic.”

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