Jewess Parasite Wasserman-Schultz Vows to Remain DNC Chair Until 2017

Daily Stormer
October 5, 2014

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – a Jewess with a face scarier than most Halloween costumes.

The Democratic party, which is fully backed by Jewish interests, has been led by the Jewess parasite Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for awhile now.  She has vowed to stay in this role until 2017.

“I was elected to a four-year term, and I will serve as DNC chair till Jan. 21, 2017,” she told the Sun Sentinel.

If the Democratic party continues to be led by this sick Marxist Jewess, it will be to our benefit.  There is little doubt based on her track record that she will push increasingly more insane and weird agendas.  As a result, this will expose more people to the fact that the Democratic party is nothing but a front for Jewish Communist and Marxist interests.

One of the recent trolling tactics has been to pretend to be a liberal, and encourage more and more extreme Marxist madness among liberals and getting them to go along with it, and thus exposing their madness to those who are not completely unhinged.  But the Jews seem to be doing this exact thing to themselves, with ridiculous figures such as this wench.

Daily Slave contributed to this report.