Jewess Jennifer Rubin Says Biden Won the Debate in Unhinged Anti-Christian Screed

Jennifer Rubin brims with visceral, atavistic hatred for all Christians, but damn if she don’t look good while doing it. That is one foxy woman.

It is important to constantly remember just how much the Jews hate white Christians.

Of course, you could never understand this level of hatred. No one, other than the Jews, is capable of holding this kind of hatred. And understand: this is a hatred not just for each of us, but for all of our ancestors, going back to Rome, and for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The purest form of hatred in this universe is the hatred that a Jew has for Jesus, and that hatred is being channeled by the Jews into a hatred of Donald Trump, who has, through serendipity, become the belligerent and beloved avatar of Christendom, here at the end of the world, as the Jews reach for full dominance of the planet.

I have never seen that hatred exemplified in a more archetypal form than in the articles of Jennifer Rubin, the Jew Washington Post columnist who is bizarrely billed as the paper’s “resident conservative.”

Technically, she claims to have stopped being a conservative last month, but that’s how she’s been identified for decades. It was in her Chyron every time I saw her on TV, for my entire life.

She claimed Friday night that Biden, who mumbled through the debate and wasn’t even making sense when he spoke, won the debate.

The hatred oozes out of every sentence. She doesn’t even pretend like it’s not personal. As a president, in terms of policy itself, Trump has been a normal republican for the most part, just a bit less pro-war and a bit more pro-borders. All of this “no true conservative” stuff that the “Republican Jews” did in 2016 really means much now. So they’re apparently comfortable just making it evident that their hatred is personal.

She writes for The Post:

The good news is that we likely will never be forced to endure another debate featuring President Trump.

The better news is that even before the Thursday night event, Trump sabotaged himself by pre-releasing an interview for “60 Minutes” with CBS News’s Lesley Stahl in which he declared flatly that he hoped the Supreme Court would invalidate the Affordable Care Act. “I hope that they end it. It’ll be so good if they end it,” Trump said. This is what they call in soccer an “own goal.” Former vice president Joe Biden could not have asked for more going into a debate. But as a bonus, Trump not only displayed his whiny, thin-skinned demeanor, but he also let on that he has no replacement health-care plan for Obamacare.

Nothing that occurred during Thursday night’s debate increases the chances we will have to endure four more years of the unhinged, know-nothing narcissistic president. Voters who made it through the 90-minute event saw a sharper, more fact-filled Biden than they have seen in previous performances. Meanwhile, the meandering, mean-spirited president was forced to resort to a flood of lies.

It is fantastic to imagine a Jew accusing a Christian of lying.

The most dishonest Christian man who ever lived told more truth, if only by accident, than the most honest Jew.

First, Trump appeared subdued at the onset. Deprived of the opportunity to interrupt by the mute button, he rambled and repeated self-congratulations during his time allotments. He insisted he could raise as much money as Biden has (claiming incorrectly that Biden’s had received the bulk of his money from Wall Street), but chose not to.

That’s actually bullshit, Jew.

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But okay. If you want to parse out whether Trump indicated “most” or “a lot” of the money came from Wall Street, then okay.

He said: “You’re the one that takes the money from Wall Street, not me.” Doesn’t sound like he said “bulk of his money,” but okay, Jew. Whatever, Jew.

Trump is plainly sensitive that he was clobbered in the money race. He has never learned what matters to voters. When Biden argued that we should talk about real issues affecting American families, Trump mocked him. Rarely has a politician showed such contempt for voters. Never has a president bragged that a dictator liked him more than his predecessor. Trump’s reticence was short-lived as he embarked on long-winded and often incoherent riffs filled with ludicrous accusations.

It is truly incredible, the audacity of the Jew.

Trump was incoherent.

Talking about the laptop from hell was “ludicrous accusations.”

Second, Trump still has not come up with a realistic plan to fight covid-19. He has yet to develop any sense of compassion, and he remains unable to take responsibility for the crisis.

Most galling, he insisted we are “learning to live with” the pandemic. Biden pounced to reiterate that more than 220,000 Americans have died from the disease. Once more, Trump was illogical and nonsensical: “We have the best testing in the world by far — that’s why we have so many cases!”

Imagine pandering to people so moronic that they are willing to believe it is “illogical and nonsensical” that more testing leads to more recorded cases.

It is a kind of exploitation, what Jew journalists do, this open appeal to base idiocy. Here’s the thing: they make the idiot feel smart. It’s yet another deal with the devil.

Third, Trump was so intent on spinning strange and convoluted conspiracy theories that it is doubtful anyone outside the loony-tunes world of right-wing media understood what he was talking about. (At one point, Trump said something about Biden selling pillows and sheets.) All Biden had to do was smile and suppress a laugh.

Again, appeal to morons. I don’t expect everyone to have followed the Ukrainian conflict, but surely, they can Google it? Or maybe you just can’t use Google at all anymore, because of these Jews suppressing search results?

Rubin is a neocon, so she knew what this was a reference to – several Republicans claimed that Obama wasn’t doing enough to arm the Ukrainians, after he overthrew their government.

Devin Nunes said it:

It became a meme at the impeachment, with Democrats quoting it because so many people were saying it:

There is zero chance Rubin doesn’t know that. And she knows that smart people know she knows it. So she is openly lying, playing stupid in a way that she knows anyone with half a brain will recognize as a charade.

It’s actually frightening to me when Jews lie like this to manipulate stupid people, knowing that everyone who isn’t stupid will see it for what it is.

Fourth, Biden was strongest on health care, reminding us that Trump has no plan and has never had one. He reiterated his support for a public option, not for Medicare-for-all. His best line may have been: “Ten million people now have pre-existing conditions because of the president’s handling of covid. What are they going to do?” As Trump insisted Biden wanted to destroy private health insurance, Biden responded, “He’s a very confused guy. He thinks he’s running against someone else. He’s running against me, Joe Biden.

Are you sure he’s Joe Biden, Rubin?

I’m gonna need a fact check on that, because I think you might be confusing him with the Other Biden.

Joe Biden only this year, after the coronavirus thing, started saying people could keep their plans.  He was saying something different before.

Furthermore, Biden is very old and is going to die soon. His VP nominee is a lunatic, who said she didn’t want private healthcare to exist at all.

Again, Rubin is lying about obvious things to make stupid people feel smarter.

Fifth, Biden made hay of his focus on working- and middle-class Americans, pointing out that Trump’s measure of success is the stock market. “Where I come from in Scranton and Claymont, the people don’t live off the stock market,” Biden said. His emphatic support for a $15 minimum wage was likely a winner in critical swing states. When Trump started trashing “Democrat cities,” Biden shot back that he would be the president for all of Americans.

Yes, talking points for morons. Imagine taking that seriously. Imagine taking “he wants to talk about my family, but I want to talk about your family” seriously.

Boomers are like small children who view it as the job of politicians to whisper bedtime lullabies in their ears.

Sixth, Trump’s utter lack of decency came when he insisted conditions for kids at the border were just swell.

Biden emotionally hit back, “Separating children from their parents violates every value we hold as a nation.”

Yes, literally “our values, it’s who we are.”

Listen, there are people who get stirred up when someone says “our values dearly.”

“Even though he’s totally senile, I’m going to vote for that communist who wants to abolish the police and make it so blacks can’t go to prison, and flood our country with infinite immigrants, and kill as many infants as possible, and start wars all over the world, and raise taxes to 62%, and spend tens of billions of dollars building windmills, and force everyone into a permanent coronavirus lockdown, because he really made me proud when he said it was our values to dump immigrant children on the streets of America.”

That alone is proof enough that democracy needs to be abolished, immediately. It has failed.

Finally, on climate change, Biden made his case on job growth and green energy as Trump insisted windmills “kills all the birds.” He added this mumbo jumbo: “And the fumes coming up, if you are a believer in carbon emission, the fumes coming up to make these massive windmills is more than anything we’re talking about with natural gas, which is very clean.” It was one more reminder Trump is stunningly ignorant.

Again, it’s just another brazen appeal to stupidity.

There are arguments in favor of wind and arguments against it, but Trump summarized the argument against it in a perfectly clear way: the very well-documented and scientific argument is that wind turbines increase carbon emissions.

So, this was printed in a peer-reviewed science journal, and reviewed by the British government. Calling it “mumbo-jumbo” is just “orange man stupid and bad, you reader, you smart one, you read words, you are smart one, he a dumb one.”

The Jew Rubin closes with this bullshit:

Biden had the final words of the debate, making a heartfelt pitch for decency and character. If Americans decide that is the defining issue, the election will not be close.

What does it mean?

Well, the only thing it can mean is “to be nice and talk nice.”

But Rubin is so filled with hatred, and that this is just cartoonish.

It’s like Skeletor saying that the reason he wants to kill He-Man is that he doesn’t think he’s nice enough.

If you’re wondering why Rubin is billed as a “conservative,” then let me just go ahead and explain that to you: conservatives don’t read the WaPo. Low IQ moron leftists, many of them women, read it.

It is literally the “I want to feel smart but the New York Times is too hard for me” paper.

Note: You might enjoy posting links into this “readability” calculator, which gives you that Flesch Kincaid grade level score of articles. You will find that the WaPo is always significantly lower than the NYT. (The tool is legit, measuring the length of sentences and the difficulty of the words used.)

If they read this bitch confirming all of their positions, they say to themselves: “well, this must not all be completely insane – even the smart conservatives agree with everything I believe.”

It cuts out part of the fear that liberals must have that they are supporting a lunatic agenda to drive this country off a cliff in the name of niceness and vague notions of “values.”

We need to start regulating these Jews. Their emissions, like this piece from Jennifer Rubin, are destroying our environment.