Jewess Doesn’t Want to be White

Modern Heretic
July 1, 2015


In the past the jew’s favorite saying was “I’m not a jew, but…” This has now been replaced with “I’m White and deeply ashamed about my race.” The enemy within, the alien infiltrator that can never be loyal to anything other than its tribe and the devils they worship, always seems to be the one behind the anti-White propaganda. The jew wears many  masks, from poor oppressed victim, to “progressive” revolutionary and finally phony White eager to atone for imaginary sins. Our unprecedented kindness to these desert aliens has been rewarded with this treason. They are the parasite feeding on the dead body of the U.S.S.A.

Trust me.

Huffington Post:

Rachel Dolezal is a fascinating case study in White racial identity development.* She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the U.S., “immerse” themselves in trying to figure out how to be White in our society, and “emerge” with a new relationship to Whiteness.

We’re being “immersed” into a jew-created cesspool of spiritual evil and hostile brown outsiders. The kosher enemy wastes no time going on the assault, bleating about imaginary crimes. The profound “races” evil of building a prosperous and civilized nation that everyone wants to be part of and many of those same people want to destroy.

Only in the case of Dolezal, her way of dealing with the pain of the reality of racism, was to deny her own Whiteness and to become Black.

Oy, the pain of being a “races” White! How to make up for conquering the wilderness, stamping out disease and banditry, building cities, creating a strong middle class and reaching toward the stars?

To whom should I make out the check, jew?

She is an extreme example of a common phenomenon. The “immersion” stage is typified by White people taking more responsibility for racism and privilege and often experiencing high levels of anger and embarrassment for racism and privilege, which they sometimes direct towards other Whites. They sometimes try to immerse themselves in communities of color, as Dolezal did. She’s not alone.

Self-loathing is not a virtue. The War on Whites is not just fought with negro mobs and la-teen-oh hordes. It’s a war of words, of ideas. Our enemy wants us to hate ourselves, to lose our identity and die. This is the evil we must fight.

I definitely experienced this. There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants.

Jew pretends to be White in order to further the goal of White genocide. I can’t believe we cured polio, harnessed electricity, wrote symphonies and allowed more individual freedoms five hundred years ago than nearly any modern non-White nation. Better not have any children.

I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.

Biological privilege. I like that, it’s honest. High I.Q., creativity, beauty…there’s a lot that’s unique and special about a European heritage. This is why it’s under attack. The jealousy and wickedness of an ugly jew that’s told it was chosen by g*d but faced with White achievements must see itself as the satanic rat it is.

If I was going to pass on my privilege, I wanted to pass it on to someone who doesn’t have racial privilege; so I planned to adopt.

The demonic jew encourages racial cuckoldry.

I disliked my Whiteness, but I disliked the Whiteness of other White people more. I felt like the way to really end racism was to feel guilty for it, and to make other White people feel guilty for it too.

The mask starts to slip, the massive kosher hatred for the shkotzim shines through even in the middle of its “I’m White, too!” act.

Many White people also feel like we don’t have culture, and this isn’t a coincidence.

A truthful statement, floating like driftwood in a sea of deceit. Not coincidental, indeed. What’s causing it? Over a century of direct attack, the disastrous jewish century where the West lost its mind and soul?

Throughout the 20th century, countless immigrant groups abandoned the artifacts of cultures that racialized them as immigrants (language, religion, food, styles of speaking, gesticulations, family structures, traditions, etc.) in order to become White.

Swing and a miss.

Because at the end of the day, we need White people to see that we are White. When we recognize and own our Whiteness, we can account for our own portion, our one 1/billionth of responsibility for what White people have done throughout history.

We can start putting stripes on our backs for sins like alternating current, the steam engine, refrigeration, freedom of assembly, chemotherapy, the automobile, the airplane, freedom of religion, computers and all the other horrors we’ve visited on the poor brown people and the special favorites of g*d who always seem to be causing problems.

We can work with other White people to begin to challenge bias, ignorance and colorblindness. We can use our privilege to confront the sources of that unfair favoring.

We can organize, arm ourselves and prepare for the common defense after the U.S.S.A. collapses.

I’m not sure what happened with Rachel Dolezal. Maybe it was mental illness.

Yeah, I think you might be on to something.

But being White — and facing the truth of what that means historically and systemically — can drive you to do the weird and unthinkable that we see in Dolezal today.

Your existence is a crime. Die for the jew.

But we cannot not be White.

Well, you can, merchant.

And we cannot undo what Whiteness has done.

I wish we could take back the jet engine, protections from unreasonable search and seizure, assembly lines, heart transplant surgery and the printing press, but I guess you’re stuck with what Whiteness has done.