Jewed Patriots Jewed by Anti-Racist Protesters Down Under

United Nationalists Australia
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2016

UPF leader Blair Cottrell rejected support from "Nazi" nationalists in preference of support from non-Whites

UPF leader Blair Cottrell rejected support from “Nazi” nationalists in preference of support from non-Whites

A protest in Melbourne on Sunday by so-called ‘patriots’ who gathered to wave flags and get in the face of antiracists was nowhere near as eventful as the lying Jew media is making it out to be.

The patriots, organised by a cashed-up suspected-honeypot group calling itself The True Blue Crew, gathered near Parliament House Melbourne for the purpose of basically being gathered near Parliament House Melbourne. Oh, and to wave flags; it wouldn’t have been nothing without a good supply of flags.

Reports say there was anywhere from 50 to 100 patriots and a few more counter protesters.  Those “anti-fascists” were counter protesting the patriots waving Australian flags, because to do so in Australia is deemed “racist”.

Burning flags brings us all closer together in a world without borders and prejudice

Burning flags brings us all closer together in a world without borders and prejudice

To anyone outside of Australia who may think these patriots are heroes, think again. The patriots in question are all bought and owned Zionists who go to great lengths to condemn nationalists — who oppose immigration and Zionist world control — as “Nazis”. To that end, there wasn’t a single nationalist activist in attendance.

But we get ahead of ourselves: first the report, which comes off the communist presses of the The Age.

A man has been kicked and punched, an Australian flag set on fire and a photographer attacked as warring left- and right-wing groups clashed again in Melbourne.

Three people were arrested on Sunday as anti-immigration and anti-fascist protesters met in the latest of a series of violent confrontations.

Premier Daniel Andrews [a rabid Marxist who has never worked a day in his life-ED] has warned the violent protests are costing Victorian taxpayers millions of dollars.

A huge police presence of an estimated 400 members – involving highly trained tactical police and mounted units – averted a repeat of May’s mob fight in Coburg.

But some left-wing protesters broke away from their rally outside Parliament House and circumvented the police line on Spring Street to reach right-wing demonstrators in the Carlton Gardens.

Scuffles ensued and one young man was seen being repeatedly kicked and punched before police intervened, forcing the left-wing group out of the gardens and back onto the street.

The group – many of whom were dressed in all black and covering their faces – then doused an Australian flag with accelerant and set it on fire before riot police moved in.

One woman was detained but Fairfax Media was told a short time later she had been handed an infringement and allowed to leave.

In the chaos, one masked protester who took issue with having his picture taken damaged a Fairfax Media photographer’s camera equipment.

It is important to understand that this isn’t a fight between nationalists and globalist Marxist forces organised by funding from Soros and other global Zionist haters of Whites, but two groups working for the same master.

Confused? You should be. But not so much if you’re familiar with what happened in England with the Jewing of British Nationalism through the EDL and others. Essentially, it’s the same thing only with it is happening in ocker land.

We cannot necessarily publish here every example of evidence linking the Australian patriot movement to a national Zionist circus, but if you follow United Nationalist Australia links and Whitelaw Towers’ archives, it is all there, presented by ridgey-didge soon-to-be actually accredited Aussie nationalists.

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This Negro is either a counter protester, or a patriot, you can no longer be sure

Or, you can just take a look at the fact that rally was led by a Vietnamese, supported by Indians, and a Maori dance took place in a public display of Aussie pride.

Vietnamese are NOT Australians, they are invaders from trashy Asia who were allowed in by a now-dead Jew Prime Minister. They went on to get rich off selling heroin to Aussies and taking over whole suburbs.

Maoris are a pestilence plague in Australia. They have invaded entire areas and target White people for serious assault and robbery.

You cannot wave Israeli flags, such as happens with this informal collection of Zio patriots, and regard yourself as being an “Australian patriot”.

Australians should be patriotic to Australia, not Israel. But having said they are totally waging war against Australian nationalists who oppose all forms of immigration.

The saying goes down under that civic patriots support “diversity minus Islam”, and in that sense they are globalists. They are supportive of multiculturalism, or as they prefer to say, “Multi-racialism” as long as it doesn’t involve anything that offends Israel. The fact that Israel wants them here so that we can hate them and want to die for Israel fighting them is neither here nor there for your dingbat patriot, who generally isn’t big on thinking.

They have been identified as having a Liberal party (the governing conservative party of Australia) secret sect controlling them through a financial purse that is believed to be ‘Australians for Honest Politics’. This mysterious bunch was a purse put together by the Israel-loving Liberal party yonks ago to bring down Pauline Hanson.

Who better to lead a procession of Aussie pride but a Vietnamese cuck

Who better to lead a procession of Aussie pride, but the Vietnamese…

Pauline Hanson has gone on to become emblematic of this Zio movement, as she denies ever stating in her famous maiden speech to parliament that Australia “…is in danger of being swamped by Asians.”

Into this mix seeps the openly Zio Australian Liberty Alliance, which is the Australian arm of Geert Wilders’ Jew stooges. They are the most insidious as they have a limitless bankroll and are everywhere in this nation’s elections, and are particularly active in spoiling the nationalist vote. We understand they are engaged in espionage activities against Australia’s only registered nationalist party, the Australia First Party. But UNA will have more to reveal on that later.

The saddest of all is the co-option to Zionist patriotism of the United Patriots Front. The UPF with their healthy, strong, Aryan leader Blair Cottrell courted the guidance of nationalists, only to throw them under a bus for the populist route of civic patriotism. They are organised around Facebook as a street movement and failed to get a political arm registered. The UPF subscribes to the notion it’s best not to upset folks by mentioning Jews. And this, sadly, comes straight from Cottrell.

Visible in a video not included here is Blair standing with anti-nationalist troll group Party for Freedom. No group has done more to try and destroy nationalism in this country more than the PfF. Cottrell had long been warned about them, but he’s shown his true kosher colours by publicly rejecting nationalists in favour of them.

So basically, the enemy and opposition are all one. However, all is not so dark, as the main nationalist groups in Australia (including Golden Dawn) are forming into an official coalition to combat Zionist infiltration.

In fact, the signing of the agreement is imminent. It will be known as Fortress Nationalism.

You can follow Australia’s newest voice of Australian nationalism here, on Facebook, or Twitter.