Jew York Times Promotes “White Supremacist” Hoax in Offensive New Article

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2015

This is your media on Jews
This is your media on Jews

Stephanie Saul kept emailing me for an interview, even suggesting I was a coward for not doing it. But I was busy.

She actually made a point to tell me she was not a Jew, despite her last name and occupation – then she goes on to co-write the article with a Jew.

Here’s the article.

Anyway, DS and everyone else got mentioned, while the piece focused on Stormfront. It is just more of the goofy crap we have come to expect from these Jews, starting out with the headline “White Supremacists.” The continued use of this stupid term demonstrates how completely unserious these people are.

Here is the definition of this goofy term from Merriam-Webster:


Do you know of anyone who is willing to try to control other races? I certainly do not. Obviously, the fact that there are cities in third world countries shows that it is a good thing for other races when Whites control them, but who at this point wishes to carry the White Man’s Burden?

No one but multinational corporations and Jewish banks is interested in doing this. All that we that are labeled “White supremacists” want is self-determination for White people. And you would think a publication as allegedly high-brow as the New York Times would be willing to be straight-up about that.

But no. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. “It turns out that all these people actually seem to want is to be left alone” is not a good presentation for the media.

The article uses the term “White supremacist” while mentioning that I have simply asked for one city where Whites can escape the multicult and Don Black once allegedly tried to grab a singular island. So the entire basis of the piece is fundamentally a lie.

As far as the other part of the definition – believing Whites are better than other races – who cares? My personal emotions are irrelevant to my political beliefs. Some people think Whites are better, some just think they’re different and think they have a right to continue existing as a unique group.

There was much buzz about the big NYT piece, and it turned out to not be much of anything. Just the same Jewing, hardly even intensified.