Jew York Times Jew Profiles Stormfronters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2014

 "Gojim is not liking chosen ones to helping the gojim? Seeming gojim needing to changing course, before ship of gojim crashing." -Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a Jewy, Jewy Jew
“Gojim is not liking chosen ones to helping the gojim? Seeming gojim needing to changing course, before ship of gojim crashing.” -Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a Jewy, Jewy Jew

A super Jewy Jew writing for the New York Times, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, has drawn up data on Stormfront users by lurking on their profiles and reading their posts.

The information he came up with is not particularly interesting or anything we weren’t already aware of.

This Jew's informations
This Jew’s informations

Seth was particularly distraught by the high number of young people who post on the “hate forum.”

Stormfront members tend to be young, at least according to self-reported birth dates. The most common age at which people join the site is 19. And four times more 19-year-olds sign up than 40-year-olds. Internet and social network users lean young, but not nearly that young.

Though we have less exact data than SF, as we do not require users to register to read and post on our site, my estimate would but the age demographics at about the same as these numbers Seth gives.

Note for the record: The biggest difference between SF and DS, demographics-wise, is that we have a more diverse audience, with only about half of readers/poster coming from the US.

It makes perfect sense that “hate sites” are now filled with young people – it is young people who are having to deal with the consequences of this great multicultural experiment. It is young people who don’t have futures – who have had their futures stolen from them by the Jews, with the permission of their parents.

Baby Boomers are retiring with their wealth they stole from their own children, leaving the consequences of their fiscal irresponsibility and moral decadence to the young.

According to Jew Seth, 30% of Stormfront members are women.  This is probably slightly higher than the DS readership, though not by much.
According to Jew Seth, 30% of Stormfront members are women. This is probably slightly higher than the DS readership, though not by much.

Millennials have also had this multiculti gibberish shoved down their throats more than any previous generation, and it is natural for them to rebel against such an oppressive system of thought-programming.

They are the first generation of Whites to truly be disenfranchised in their own home country, yet they are being told not to believe their lying eyes, that in fact they are “privileged” and should feel endless pity for the poor, pathetic brown folk who are chosen over them in applications for work and school, who are given free everything by the taxpayer, who are never held responsible for their own behavior. In every way, the non-Whites hold all of the privilege – unless simply being more attractive and intelligent is a privilege. But they tell us black is beautiful and IQ doesn’t relate to intelligence.

Seth also finds it interesting that for all the condemnation of other minorities, Jews get the worst of it.

The white nationalist posters on Stormfront have issues with many different groups. They often write about crimes committed by African-Americans against whites; they complain about an “invasion” of Mexicans; and they love to mock gays and feminists. But their main problem appears to be with Jewish people, who are often described as super-powerful and clever — the driving force, generally speaking, behind the societal changes they do not like. They sometimes call the Holocaust the “Holohoax.”

This is obviously because SF posters are more educated than your average American; Seth notes the amount they read.

The top reported interest of Stormfront members is “reading.” Most notably, Stormfront users are news and political junkies. One interesting data point here is the popularity of The New York Times among Stormfront users. According to the economists Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse M. Shapiro, when you compare Stormfront users to people who go to the Yahoo News site, it turns out that the Stormfront crowd is twice as likely to visit

Whereas your average American might go on about the homosexual agenda, black crime and the ongoing invasion by Mexico (enabled by the black President), the more highly educated – that is, better read – are able to see the common denominator among all of these societal ills: the Jews.

When you start looking for the truth, it doesn't take long to recognize this pattern.
When you start looking for the truth, it doesn’t take long to recognize this pattern.

Seth closes the piece on a somber note.

Why do some people feel this way? And what is to be done about it? I have pored over data of an unprecedented breadth and depth, thanks to our new digital era. And I can honestly offer the following answer: I have no idea.

It isn’t hard to figure out, Seth. People feel this way because they are being invaded and displaced, ruled over and unjustly punished, by alien people.

The only thing to do about it is address the issue: return the power back to the people. If this doesn’t happen, the “hate” is only going to continue to grow.