Jew York Makes “Meatless Monday” Mandatory in All Public Schools

Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

That mayor and the other retards around him all look so proud, you’d think they just put a man woman on Mars.

I don’t suppose I need to explain the slippery slope theory to anyone, do I?

I figured the speed with which we went from “please no bully the gays, they just people like us ;_;” to “WE’RE GONNA TAKE YOUR 5-YEAR OLD AWAY IF YOU DON’T LET HIM CUT HIS DICK OFF YOU NAZI SCUM” taught everybody that concept.

Meatless Monday in public schools is gonna be followed by meatless Monday in the whole city, then the whole country, then they’re gonna add a meatless Tuesday, and so on until 15-20 years from now people will be sent to gulags under suspicion of thinking about bacon.

You think I’m joking, and I sorta am, but think about Communism – if creating a worker’s paradise without poverty was worth killing tens of millions of mostly poor and working class people (the rich ones communism was supposedly against just left for another country), then surely SAVING THE EARTH!!11!!1! is worth at least as much.

This bitch stays awake at night wondering whether people who eat meat deserve to live.

And both of these noble endeavors are led by the same (((people))), which is of course just a coincidence.


Today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced that all 1,700 NYC public schools will serve meatless meals every Monday—with many schools offering vegan options. “Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” de Blasio said. “We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.” In 2017, Adams worked with de Blasio to institute Meatless Mondays at several schools in his borough. “We have come a long way. We went from fifteen schools in Brooklyn to every school in NYC participating in Meatless Mondays,” Adams told VegNews. “This will impact tens of millions of school meals a year and move us along the spectrum toward improving the health of kids and of the planet.” The implementation of the new menu on Mondays will be cost-neutral and give 1.1 million children access to vegetarian meals. “I am so thankful for the progress that has been made, but I know there is much more work to do,” Adams said. “I will continue to add my voice to the chorus of advocates working each and every day to continue to move the needle.” During his career as Brooklyn Borough President, Adams (who is running for mayor of NYC in 2021) has successfully implemented several initiatives to promote veganism across New York City, including the Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program at NYC Health + Hospitals Bellevue—the largest municipal hospital and healthcare system in the United States.

I’m sure these people can’t sleep at night because they’re worried about the rest of us.

Somehow, these people never seem to worry about the same things most people worry about, including the endless stream of semihumans they’re flooding us with.

Look, there’s a very simple argument against not eating animal products, and especially against the insane cult of veganism, and that’s looking at people who’ve been doing it for a long time. There’s lots of them who feel the need to proselytize on JewTube about it, so they’re not particularly hard to find.

Or you could just look at some of these compilations to save time. The one at 6:54 is especially funny and instructive.

All these people are falling apart, literally sometimes, from malnutrition, because being omnivorous doesn’t mean all food you can eat is the same. Some of it is just better for you than others, and meat and eggs are objectively among the best things a human being can eat.

The main reason people who switch to this vegetarian/vegan crap tend to feel better at first is because this is promoted non-stop by the media as healthy, so by default the people starting it are likely to be more health-conscious from the get-go, and who are more likely to have already done things that are less radical, but have actual health benefits, like:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Not eating processed foods (or at least cutting down drastically)
  • Working out regularly
  • Sleeping more
  • Eating more dietary fiber
  • Eating more fish
  • Not drinking too much alcohol
  • Not eating too much of anything
  • Fasting regularly
  • Being more careful about the quality of the foods you eat

All of these things are great for your health, and they’re all much easier to do than sweeping dietary changes, and most people who decide to eat like rabbits probably started doing some or all of these around the time they started eating like rabbits, so they’re getting health benefits from these while thinking they’re feeling better because of this cult-like insanity that’s being promoted by the (((media))).

There is a small percentage of people who have specific health problems that can be treated by going vegetarian – but not vegan – but if you’re not one of those people, there is absolutely no reason to give up eggs, meat, etc.

I’m not on any specific diet, but I have cut down massively on grains and anything with sugar in the past couple of years, and I started eating more fish and green vegetables, and I feel pretty good, certainly better than I did before.

The best way to decide if something is healthy is to just look at the people who’ve been doing said something for a long time, I mean like years, and seeing what effect it had on them, and by that standard veganism is probably one of the worst things you can do with your life.