Jew Warns Other Jews: Mass Media is Collapsing Due to Anti-Trump Propaganda

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2017

The above interview is an intimate look into why Jews are able to take and retain power over the majority.

Notice the Jew Michael Wolff technically “insults” Brian Stelter’s reporting style to his face, yet it’s not taken personally. Unlike many oversensitive whites, Jews are able to give and take criticism among themselves – including barbed varieties – and thus rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. It’s taking them a while to learn from the overestimation of their own power in manufacturing public opinion after the big Trump upset, but I have a hard time believing they will continue on their current trajectory to lose what’s left of their low credibility with laughable stories, such as phony polls claiming Americans want more Yemenis and Somalis in our country.

By continuing their overt political onslaught of transparent lies, they are pushing more and more Americans to simply tune out and come get the facts from publications like The Daily Stormer, which is why I hope they keep up the good work.

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As of late, Wolff has been featured all over the place, as he is one of the only Jew journalists that has found a formula for sneaking into the White House and actually getting an audience. His interviews with important Trump administration figures are recycled and requoted throughout the Judenpresse, because Trump and Steve Bannon have correctly identified entities like the Washington Post and CNN as hostile machines of defamation and misrepresentation and wisely embargoed them (if only the idiots in our camp who keep talking to Joe Bernstein had as much sense as Bannon).

Wolff’s late January piece in Jewsweek deals with the relationship between Trump and the media. He appears to be the first to actually notice what is going on, and how not just Trump, but a lot of us (including the Alt-Right) are using the Judenpresse’s own weight against itself. By drawing out the thinly veiled anti-white fanaticism of the Jews, Millennial Xirs, and middle aged catladies that create most of the media, Trump is able to reveal their real agenda to the world, and the much vaunted veneer of “neutrality” of the “much respected” New York Times goes up in smoke.

The anti-Trump coverage is going through the same crisis of late-80’s Soviet press: journalists of the status quo intuitively believe the system they protect is about to fall, and react with the guilt-admitting desperation of OJ Simpson in his Bronco: telling ever larger lies that are ever simpler to see through.

Here is a snippet from Wolff’s “Why The Media Keeps Losing To Donald Trump.”


The media’s holy grail is, as it’s been for much of the campaign, about what will stick. Of the myriad likely damaging possibilities, which one will be so prima facie damaging (pay no attention to the many instances that many people already thought were, or would be) or so shocking and insulting to the body politic that it will be the end, or at least the beginning of the end, of Trump? Nothing counts but delivering a mortal wound, so everything is delivered as though it is a mortal wound.

The Trump people recognize this and, it would seem, even encourage it. A key difference between the Trump and Nixon administrations is the relative lack of paranoia in this new White House. There is contempt but not paranoia (that may, of course, come). The Trump strategy, conscious or not, is to invite overreaction—to program for it. Kellyanne Conway, with effortless smile, is more official media tormentor than simple spokesperson. The Trump team’s overt threats against the media—which is quite easy to placate if, in fact, you want to placate it—reliably serve to stoke several news cycles of the media’s breast-beating and self-serving virtue, never a pleasant sight.

Of course, the media’s inability to damage Trump leads it to try all the more. The list of attempts is long: the dossier, the tax returns, emoluments, conflicts of interest, etc. The weight of all this, the media clearly believes, ultimately brings him down. In turn, the more stuff that is piled on, the Trump team believes, the more it is all diminished.

This might lead to a natural constitutional crisis: Here is a media united in its opposition to the president and determined to find and pursue that charge, that guilty opening. How can there not be one—it believes—that will surely bring this presidency down? And here is a White House that believes the media’s single goal, and entire reason for being, is its destruction—and that its own survival, its legitimacy, depends on some version of breaking the media tide in the same dramatic way it intends to break the tide of immigrants it sees as so loathsome. (“We’re going to have to rethink our relationship here,” said Conway, with impeccable cool and pointed chill, to NBC’s Chuck Todd.)

The Jews know, Shut It Down!

Took them long enough to figure it out. Michael Wolff’s press tour has focused largely on bashing other Judenpresse by name for their dishonest coverage of Trump. This doesn’t mean Wolff is pro-Trump at all, not any more than one of the kids smoking pot saying “Shh, I’ll do all the talking” when the cops roll up on them is enjoying his police encounter. What Wolff is warning his tribesmen about is getting so little support from the public, that we will applaud if Trump finally has enough and nationalizes the Judenpresse or takes some other measure that will inhibit their ability to function as operatives for the Democratic Party and the now marginal Neo-Con wing of the GOP.

Most of Hillary’s $1.2 billion dollar campaign blitz against Trump was financed by Jews; that didn’t work. The media merged into the anti-Trump party during the election and continues to today; that isn’t working. Academia, various lawmakers, all of the celebrities across the board are constantly bashing and antagonizing Trump and his supporters, mostly to deaf ears.

Whatever Trump’s flaws are, he’s pissing vinegar on all of Hymie’s acid-spigots, which is why a lot of them are being reduced to breaking things and hitting people in impotence. Wolff is the first to note this to my knowledge, but other elites are starting to carry his (((echo))). Known British liberal Piers Morgan – who has been kind to and even supportive of Trump, due to their personal friendship, but is nonetheless a diehard liberal – expressed very similar sentiments on a recent Tucker Carlson Tonight. Cross your fingers and hope the Jews continue doing 90 miles an hour off the cliff.