Jew Vox Posts Video Blaming Nazis for #Hoaxgate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2017

The mystery meat pervert Christian Picciolini was kicked out of White Supremacy for looking like your standard Arabian terrorist.

Look at this picture of him from his “white” days:

He would fit right in the the Paki rapists of Rotherham.

Now he’s on a mission to kike the goyim by kicking white supremacy out of itself.

He is constantly promoted by the SPLC, the ADL and the Jew media. He was kicked out of White Supremacy when he was in his early twenties, and has made an apparently healthy living off of it since. (In all likelihood, Picciolini was an informant/fed to begin with, and was simply ordered to switch up his game – or requested to do so, as he’d make more money this way.)

I have no idea why anyone thinks this is good anti-Nazi propaganda, but I don’t really have any idea what good anti-Nazi propaganda would look like at this point. I mean, the Schindler’s List type “Muh Holocaust, goyim, muh sufferink” stuff seems to have become impotent in the face of meme Nazism, but basically, Picciolini’s crybaby faggotism is of the exact same vein, just not as emotionally triggering.

In the above video by Vox – posted April 14th on their YouTube channel – Picciolini uses the prank call bomb hoaxes, which have since been exposed as a Semitic false flag by an Israeli Jew, as proof of what damage Neo-Nazism can cause.

Furthermore, he mentions a cemetery vandalism which was determined to have been done by an anti-Semitic breeze.

Vox posts in the YouTube show notes that both of the prank calls are hoaxes, and the video was recorded before they were exposed as such.

But who actually reads YouTube show notes? And why would you post a video containing discredited, fake information, and then do a retraction of the information while you are reporting it? Shouldn’t they have edited the video to remove the fake information?

What kind of news organization functions this way?

I guess one run by (((Ezra Klein))).

Vox to vex the goyim.

What’s more, the lying Paki Picciolini says that “there is no basis in truth” to the “conspiracy theories” that Jews control the media and the financial system or that blacks commit more crimes against whites (than the reverse).

These are just deranged, open lies.

Jewish Control

Of course Jews control the media and finance. They admit this and brag about it themselves.

This is outrageous.

There is a book called “An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood” by the Jew Neal Gabler, which is about what the title implies, and goes into all the details of this historical fact.

He says the entire purpose of this was to push Jewish values on the goyim, which is our exact claim.

In 2008, Jewish journalist Joel Stein wrote an article for the LA Times entitled “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon” in which he goes through and explains, naming all the names, that Hollywood is just as Jewish now as when it was created by Jews: all five major studios are headed by Jews.

The news media is exactly the same.

Here’s a chart, circa 2015, showing the names and races of the people who run the media.

Click to enlarge.

And you can just read the names of any random news article, and about 60% of the time, it will be written by a Jew. They are two percent of the population of this country.

This is not debatable.

Gotta laugh at the fact that Picciolini made this claim on a Jewish-owned media outlet, no?

It’s even more ridiculous to claim they don’t control the financial industry.

The Rothschilds, the Warburgs, George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein, Alan Greenspan, Benjamin Bernake, Janet Yellen, Dominique Strauss-Khan, and on and on and on – I’m not going to do an exhaustive list, but any major banker that anyone has ever heard of is Jewish.

Here’s an article in the Jewish Daily Forward bragging about how the Jews founded the Federal Reserve.

Here’s a Jewish blog bragging about a bunch of historical Jew bankers.

And hey, why not push “CTRL+F” and type “Jew” on the Wikipedia article on “The History of Banking.”

The Jewish Virtual Library has an entire long essay on Jewish control of banking for the last several hundred years.

Jews control a whole lot more than just the media and finance as well, but those are the lies he told.

Black-on-White Crime

Interracial crime statistics are just white nationalism 101, and the claim that blacks don’t commit more crime against whites than the reverse is so stupid as to claim the sky is purple.

Based on 2013 Department of Justice statistics, a black is 27 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than the other way around.

Based on DoJ statistics from multiple recent years, blacks are thousands of times more likely to rape a white than the other way around.

If DoJ statistics don’t do it for you, check out the 2016 Color of Crime report, which relies on FBI statistics and comes up with the same numbers.

Why Lie?

This man is lying about absolutely everything he says in this video.

So, you have to ask yourself: why?

Even if you are not a Neo-Nazi extremist, it should trouble you that the arguments against Neo-Nazi extremism are based on blatant, open lies, which one can easily Google and disprove in a few seconds.

These are not minor mistakes, or something that is open to interpretation. These are outrageous, ridiculous falsehoods, which are disproved by non-controversial statistical facts. There is no way that Picciolini or the people who support him believe what they are saying is true.

So, the only conceivable sympathetic interpretation of these totally false statements is that the Jews behind Picciolini – from the SPLC and the ADL to Vox and all the other Jewish media outlets who promote him and these lies – believe that they have the moral high ground, and so justify the lies in order to push what they view as a moral ideology.

That of course does not matter. I don’t care about the morality of the Jews, and neither should anyone else they are victimizing.